View Full Version : hid problems and questions

11-06-08, 04:36 PM
i want all my front lights to be hid i have hid headlights but i want hid fogs and hid high beams. how do i get those to be hids are there conversion kits they make for it. when i manually turn on the headlights the lights are real bright and than they dim after about a second why do they do that and how do i keep them on super bright does anyone have suggestions

11-07-08, 08:40 AM
What you are seeing is the ballast firing up the bulb, that is why you get the real bright burst of light at first. There is no way to keep that much light going without blowing the bulbs. On my 03' I had HID low beams (they came stock) and I added HID high beams and HID fogs. I did the fogs myself because the 880 bulbs were not offered HID back in late 02' when I did this, now you can get HID kits for the 880 bulbs, the high beams were standard 9005 HID, you may want to think about changing your low beam stock HID bulbs if the truck is high mileage because they can start diming over time if they have been used a lot. 4300k to 4500k gives the most light output, but going even to 5500k still gives good light output and a more blue light. Look around there are many suppliers like Pilot that offer nice kits.

11-10-08, 01:41 PM
thanks for the info i appreciate it. they have not started dimming that i know of they seem pretty bright compared to regular lights