: Navigation Radio question

11-06-08, 12:34 PM
I Dont know if this is the correct place to post this but I will try anyways. This is my first post on this forum so bear with me, I have been searching alot though.

I have a 1996 Oldsmobile Aurora with a non bose stereo. I was wanting to put a newer navigation unit in place of my stock radio. I was looking and noticed that the Cadillacs have the same connector on the back of the radio but is it compatible? I know the radio communicates via the obd2 bus for the driver information center, I would like to keep this function if I can. Can this be done and would I have to re-pin the harness or make an adapter for it? I was looking at a non bose or lux navigation radio and cd changer from a 2004 cadillac srx to use would this be ok?

Thanks, Matthew

11-06-08, 11:39 PM
Can any one help me with this issue? I have herd that it is almost the same as the STS and Eldorado, that's why I came to this place asking for help. I will be picking up the radio this weekend. I will hold off on plugging it into the car until I get a confirmation...

11-07-08, 09:37 AM
i think olds made a rare nav radio
its delphi based and totally different than the Denso model in devilles and sevilles
the eldo never had a nav option
i believe your nav LOOKS just like the escalade tnr nav but thats a totally different plug

11-07-08, 12:54 PM
I don't think I can find an Olds radio thats why I came here asking for help. The Oldsmobile radios have a funny connector in the back. My main concern is will my obd2 bus communicate with the nav that I will be picking up tomorrow? I know some need to be programmed with a tech 2. Will mine be able to have this done? And could I possibly get a connector / harness schematic for the 2004 cadillac srx non bose? I should be able to get the schematics for the Oldsmobile.


11-07-08, 01:00 PM
srx nav isnt the same as a Dev Sev Nav
it also runs differently

11-07-08, 01:05 PM
i just put in a phone call
i can get you an olds aurora nav radio from an 02 Aurora for 800 through my connections

11-07-08, 01:41 PM
I can get this one for 300 thats one of the reasons why I want to try this one out. It comes with the cd changer. I guess I'm sol? I was looking and I noticed the srx uses the can protocol so I'm guessing my car will not communicate with it? Any other options? How is the srx nav different?

11-07-08, 01:51 PM
wont communicate
trust me im pretty familiar with these systems
your better off getting the nav build for these cars
i found another one for 700 but thats the cheapest i can find they are a rare part due to the limited production for it
all i know is that its from an 02 Aurora as well
i dont even know beyond a doubt if itll work in a 96 car, it should though.
also all aurora navs were non touch screens
and i believe only played cd nav discs

let me know and ill order it for you
other wise trust me an srx wont work, youll have a better shot with the Seville Deville nav but even that i wouldnt guarantee

11-07-08, 02:14 PM
I will keep looking around I dont quite have that much spare change for one. is there any way to get these radios to run as a standalone unit? my other option would be to run the stock radio in the trunk or behind the dash and use a pioneer avic-d3. ugh...

11-07-08, 07:43 PM
I was making a couple calls and I came across a couple guys who said the Cadillac SRX was still obd2 capable, but I may have an issue with that as it does support the canbus protocol as well...
The aurora has the same PCM as the northstars so the PCM is not the issue its the BCM. I may be able to swap it out for a newer model year to communicate with the navigation system.
That in theory would overcome the problem with programming the radio to the car. After that is done I should have no problem communicating with the radio.
Even if loose my date and trip function the radio should still have these.
I find that when I tell the tech guys that have an Oldsmobile they don't want to deal with me but If I find some Oldsmobile guru they are more then willing to help me out.

Can I get a radio harness pinout for the srx 2004 and the 1998 sts? Please?

11-07-08, 11:16 PM
wasnt a nav option in 98 for a seville....

11-07-08, 11:28 PM
thats ok I just need the diagram its the same as my car.

11-16-08, 01:33 AM
The '02 Aurora nav is not very good. It looks like an INR but it's CD based. No updates available for it either. You'd be better off making an adapter to the 24 pin harness and going with a TNR if you want something that has current map discs.