: Any idea what part this is..urgent

11-06-08, 08:30 AM
Hi folks, wondering if anyone knows what part this is, its leaking from underneath a consrant drip. Was told by mechanic thermostat housing so we got that but thats a tiny little thing and not a big hunk of metal.

please help want to order part so i can fix my car

http://img253.imageshack.us/img253/4526/img6655croppedsu8.th.jpg (http://img253.imageshack.us/my.php?image=img6655croppedsu8.jpg)

11-06-08, 09:17 AM
:( That is the water pump and thermostat end of the coolant crossover, the single worst exterior gasket replacement job on a Northstar ever imagined.

There is a gasket kit made for the job, but the entire driver's end of the throttle system, cooling system, hoses, surge tank, cabling, fuel lines, everything must be R & R.

Do some homework on "coolant crossover"........and this is a double post, identical to the one in Seville/Deville.......

11-06-08, 09:20 AM
Dammit, that sounds like a royal pain to remove, think it will be time to say goodbye to the car :(

11-06-08, 09:36 AM
IF you have no other coolant loss problems or overheating, you just might get lucky with a tube or pack of Bar's Leaks powder or tablets (3) added to the bottom radiator hose. GM used to use the stuff to seal nuisance leaks and casting porosity. it has been discussed to death in here for years, but it works. The package will have the number "12" in the product character code. It's a brown powder or tablet, not liquid, not gold, made of ground ginger, walnut shell and binder.

11-06-08, 09:38 AM
okay mechanic just called confident its not that :s he said its the bit you take off to get into the waterpump bit to replace the themostat, if i wrote that down correctly. He said the part thats leaking comes off fine its just corroded at the bottom so drips, he said its not a pipe or manifold part just an access part. Any ideas I could be pointing to the wrong part, he says its right near the thermostat housing hence he though it was the housing.

in the pic iposted you can see the black sealant stuff at the edge of the metal parts with the numbers, thats where it just unbolts so that part that comes off needs replaced.

11-06-08, 09:44 AM
Just took a look at RockAuto...no joy. Go up to the Supporting Vendors section at the top of the Forum and get to Lindsay Cadillac in Alexandria, Virginia. Luke, the online parts man, is very knowledgeable and ships everywhere. Post to him and you guys can work it out.

11-06-08, 09:48 AM
Thanks bud - luke is a legend, its the water pump housing, got the part and looked right at it, says he has to replace them daily. Do you think thats right?

11-06-08, 09:59 AM
Water pump cover/housing. 2002 Shop manual. Thermostat housing attaches to that.........

11-06-08, 10:17 AM
Yeh it does appear to be that, the bit in the picture is the housing cover and the actual bit it attaches to is the housing itself which has both the water pump hole and the hole for the thermostat, so can you purchase just the housing/neck for thermostat or will i need the hole big housing for the water pump and so on as the garage says thats huge job when its just the thermostat housing thats the leak Water neck as I allready have a housing which is below, but is not the part thats leaking.

http://img504.imageshack.us/img504/9813/img6657hb8.jpg (http://imageshack.us)
http://img504.imageshack.us/img504/img6657hb8.jpg/1/w800.png (http://g.imageshack.us/img504/img6657hb8.jpg/1/)

11-06-08, 10:36 AM
The water pump housing comes off before you use a special socket to remove the water pump, which then comes out through the hole left by that housing removal. There are a couple of hoses and that black steel part pictured which are attached to the water pump housing, which should be a separate part, much the same principle as an old water outlet neck.

Go with the part in post #7, from Luke.

11-06-08, 11:04 AM
Are we talking about the "water pump cover"?

11-06-08, 11:13 AM
i Honestly have no idea and seeing as my garage is leaving me to do all the chasing im at the end of my teather lol. from the fact that he is adament that its the thermostat housing and i bought a thermostat housing but it turns out its a little part. I think he means this big metal bit beolow which the housing sits in, but over here we just get the whole big thing for out crappy cars.

I think i need this large metal bit, found on ebay for a seville sts 98 called fiunnily enough a thermostat housing. You can see the black bit i have in this housing which make me think it is this.

Edit: just confirmed with luke that it IS the bit I need \0/ YAY

http://img397.imageshack.us/img397/7104/aaz196ol0.jpg (http://imageshack.us)
http://img397.imageshack.us/img397/aaz196ol0.jpg/1/w770.png (http://g.imageshack.us/img397/aaz196ol0.jpg/1/)

11-06-08, 11:32 AM
he said its not a pipe or manifold part just an access part.
This sounds like the water pump cover to me.

11-06-08, 11:40 AM
can you not re-face it with a piece of sandpaper on a flat surface?

11-06-08, 12:30 PM
Just orderd the part from luke should be here next week, even better though going to see an 01 black with black interior, rare over here. looks stunning.