: Saturday, Atlanta GA - Shootout!

11-06-08, 08:06 AM
Fellow owners...

This may be short notice but I just saw 1 CTS-V registered and realized that the CTS-V actually does qualify for this event assuming that you as a driver weigh in at 150 pounds or more.


Thi event is a blast. It is limited to rear wheel drive cars weighing in at 2 tons. What this means for a drag race is that you get a day of "fair" runs against similar cars. There are Impalas, Marauders, Chargers, 300's, etc.

What this also means is that there are NO motorcycles, bumble bee ricers, mustangs, or other distractions.

The even is in Commerce GA at the Atlanta dragway. I will be taking the STS-V and maybe even a Magnum.