: Cadillac Trunk Lid V Emblem

11-05-08, 02:09 PM

Anybody seen a 87 Brougham with a trunk lid emblem? Thinking of picking it up. Also, can anybody post pictures of the heritage of ownership emblem installed on the grill, can't find a right location along with the Cadillac grill emblem.

11-05-08, 06:41 PM
That V emblem is probably off a early 80's cadillac, before the Wreath was introduced. E&G came back with a add on for the newer Devilles called the Vintage Edition, which was a emblem package with these V's and older design caddy emblems. Its pretty cool.

As for the heritage badge, you can really put it anywhere. I know the factory didnt install them, but im not sure if the dealer threw them on before delivery, or it got sent in the mail to the new owner to put on. I tend to think that it was sent to the owner, as i have a new one in the box here ready for my 81, with The cadillac dealer as the return address, and the customer as the send to address. So i think the consumer put them on, if they wanted to. Thats probably why there are so many new ones, the customers never put them on, or got around to it, or wanted to lift the hood.

The one i have here is the most bad ass i have ever seen.

Instead of a number it says in the middle "Cadillac Master Owner" Pretty bad ass if i do say so myself.
On my 90 and 96 i have them on the left side of the grille. Mid way vertically, to the end horizontally. Both have Gold cadillac wreaths around them as a added touch of class.

Cadillac Giovanni
11-05-08, 09:26 PM
The "V" or "chevron" as it's typically called was used chiefly on DeVilles. I recall my grandma's old 72 DeVille having it when I was little, and I remember how I liked it more than the wreath on my Grandpa's 83 Fleetwood.

I was toying with the idea of putting a chevron on my Brougham after I took my wreath off to replace the lock cylinder, but I decided to keep it original. Typically, a DeVille's hood ornament was without the wreath, just the Cadillac shield. That sort of ended after the downsize in 1985.