: Ewill I need some Specs

11-04-08, 09:46 PM
Can somebody give me the Standard (suggested) way to remove wheel weights?
I had my car at an Unnamed Cadillac Dealership to replace worn rear tires.
Today I changed out my summer wheels for the winter set.
I usually clean the wheel real good before I store them. Here is what I found.
I haven't seen this before, I would like to think that this is not standard GM practice but...
In case my pictures are blurry.
I've made contact and I will be dropping them off tomorrow.
I hope they do the right thing, Replace over Repair.

11-04-08, 10:12 PM
Someone would need to die if that happened to my car.

That's the reason I take the wheels off, remove the weights, and clean the wheels. I then drive them down in the truck and get the tires replaced and rebalanced. Less chance for stupid stuff like this happening.

ewill, This is one of the reasons I don't bring my car in for service in my area.

11-05-08, 12:00 AM
yeah that looks really bad. I feel bad for you because it's done... can't go back....

11-05-08, 06:28 AM
All I can say is "wow".
I know what they used to do that, I just can't believe they would go that far.
I would confess that we usually use a scraper, but we have a plastic one (that doesn't do very well). I actually have a carbon
scraper that I use sometimes.
I can tell you that we keep some rags and "brake clean" next to our machines. Actually I usually pull the weights off with pliers, then if the new weights need to go in the same place the old ones did a quick spray of brake clean or use of an adhesive remover will make short work of the remaining "sticky" then a quick wipe with a rag will usually prep the surface just fine for weight installation.
If you went behind me you'd probably find some leftover adhesive spots on the wheels but you certainly wouldn't find that.
In one photo it looks like dude got carried away and started cleaning the back of one of the spokes!
While I am not so sure that would cause major damage, it certainly exposes bare aluminum that could suffer accelerated oxidation.
While I can't tell you what to expect they will do, it would seem that they would get them repainted in the areas affected by this procedure and speak to the guy who did it.
I am sure the guy was thinking that since it is on the inside of the wheel that it wouldn't really matter. I guess he was wrong.
It has never crossed my mind to use that tool to prep the surface for weights, and I hope it never does. It seems kind of crazy to me.

11-05-08, 11:52 AM
Thanks, I dropped them off today.
The Service MGR will be investigating, who did the work on my car, was this done prior to their work on my car (which I know the answer is NO), and look for means to remedy the problem.
Yes, you're absolutely correct, he got the spokes too!
I think I might be a little satisfied if they chromed my entire set! First they would have to put some Phosphate on it to protect against corrosion.
I trust that they will do the right thing as far as I go,
But I hope they do the right thing as far as the Mechanic goes. Not to say that I want him fired, but he really needs more training! Or maybe moved to the Chevy Dealership.

11-05-08, 12:59 PM
...Or maybe moved to the Chevy Dealership.
Harsh but funny.

11-05-08, 07:15 PM
You just have to PM me the name of that dealer.

Thanks, Phil!

(Mum's the word. :shhh:)

11-07-08, 11:52 PM
Good old boy in a barn could do better than that. Gives real pro's a bad name.

On a lighter note I generally try to get the old v up to about 180-185 and the weights come off by themselves - just a thought.