: '93 North* RUBBER PARTS!!!!!

11-04-08, 01:02 AM
I know, I know..... my engine is 15 years old. I'm still looking for the vacuum parts around the Injectors. ( The tripple manifold on top the T.B. to the Evaporator Solonoid).
I assume you can still find a used engine to buy, but how about all the little bits all around the engine that crack???

It's $120.00 to $170.00 for the Vacuum Harness assy. at the local dealer, when all's I need is 2 bits. NOT the whole damn thing!!

This is assuming the part is still available... Part# 3535716. Brasington Parts /GM Motors is doing a search for the "discontinued" part search. Still the whole assy., unfortunatly.

( I wonder if anyone is parting out a seville, or has some broken North*'s in the back yard?)

Any suggestions?