: It's that time of year - Remember

11-03-08, 10:30 AM
Keep your eyes open - have already seen 2 deer near the house.


11-03-08, 10:50 AM
5 close encounters with deer in one day were in the news here last week! :suspense:


11-03-08, 11:11 AM
Yup, one year ago this month when I hit the buck. They're on the move.

11-03-08, 11:41 AM
That's why you get a truck. We have hit several in our van when going up to Wisconsin and the worst we ever had was a cracked grill and headlight. Its unfortunate, really, that they have that stupid instinct to stop dead in their tracks when hit by light.

11-03-08, 12:43 PM
Two years ago my son hit a deer on US 57 at 70 mph in my full size van. Son was fine - Van was totaled. No such thing as a sure thing.

11-03-08, 01:41 PM
Over here we're plagued with white tail and Sika (little guys) deer. Splattered all up and down US 50, MD 13 and US 301. This is NOT the time of year to go on any night time back road screamers.

Crossbow season is in, bow/black powder later, then shotgun.

Got an 85 pound doe already.

11-03-08, 03:03 PM
The first 9 miles of my drive to work is through a protected forest, they are EVERYWHERE. I see them in my yard or across the stree year round and I dont exactly live in a "rural" area but it is heavily wooded.

Muzzle loading season was the last 2 weeks here I think. We went to Knob Creek Friday and a lot of guys were out sighting in their deer rifles.

11-03-08, 03:34 PM
"I hit one with a van, doin 55mph with the headlights on and the horn blowin'."

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11-03-08, 04:21 PM
Hmm... That time of year? We have deer on the roads YEAR ROUND here in Ohio.

11-03-08, 08:48 PM
This time of year is the rut. They're more active.

Hunting season is not enough. There ought to be a bounty on them. THEY'RE VERMIN! :rant2:


11-07-08, 04:34 AM
This is how you deal with deer in your path. You don't even slow down..

11-07-08, 06:42 PM
i have got a bush bar for the front of my caddy!

11-07-08, 08:35 PM
I have some pictures in an old email of some guy that hit a deer in a BMW 5 series doing 140+. There is very little damage to the front of the car but the carcass is inside the engine bay smashed up against the firewall. I won't post them unless y'all want me to because they are quite graphic.

11-07-08, 09:17 PM
BMW license F LW 112. That's a big fox. The post was in here last year. There's a companion showing a van doing 80 + ? which hit a deer in Germany. Bloody.

11-08-08, 02:10 AM
I remember a clip of 2 bikes on what looks like the Tail of the Dragon with the trailing guy with a cam and the lead guy t-bones a deer on a crotch rocket.

I think this is it....


Apparently he was doing 90mph, not sure if he survived.

11-08-08, 03:47 AM
i like to hit one but not with my car lol. id do it in my dads truck fully boxed frame with wrap around front brush guard . not really hit it head on but just kinda grase it just enough to stun it then slit the throat and throw it in the back of the truck .Hey free food

11-09-08, 01:06 AM
hit deer last week, recieved $906.00 for damage on pass door,more like deer hit me, great time to have some other blemishes fixed, chips on hood, parking lot ding on driver door,:thumbsup: body shop wants total of $1993.46:rant2:at present time going to shop around for better deal, hate to pay extra grand to fix small blemes on old car,but why fix one door not all other, sorry to gripe but dam those deer!

11-10-08, 10:16 AM
Special local video newscast (http://www.kake.com/home/headlines/34152639.html) on the problem! The advice is to hit the deer, more people are killed trying to avoid them.