: XM Radio Question

11-03-08, 10:01 AM
I looked but couldn't find anything on this. I wanted to know if there is a fix for our crappy XM sound. I feel like I'm listening to a AM radio station. any and all information is welcome. Would love to hear XM like it is suppose to hear.:usflag:

11-03-08, 10:08 AM
yeah mine was like that when i first got mine too, i had to go in the audio properties for xm and adjust it. you can adjust the audio separately for cd, radio, xm, etc...my audio properties for xm was turned all the way down,lol no bass, no treble, no nothing and it sounded like it was being broadcast on a cell phone lol

11-03-08, 10:33 AM
i had to go in the audio properties for xm

how do you do this?

11-03-08, 10:41 AM
I went through properties first thing, still sounds worse than my local FM's. Besides the terrible programing XM offers free terrible sound!

11-03-08, 10:45 AM
Replace it with GM1 and go with Sirius....the sirius unit provide much better sound....And i love the programming. pretty easy to switch.

11-03-08, 10:54 AM
Where can I order the GM1. Is it the antenna that is pulling the weak signal. I already did the audio properties. It still sounds worse than my FM stations.

11-03-08, 01:58 PM
XM is broadcast at 64kbps and there's nothing you can do about that. Encode a mp3 at 192kbps, and again at 64kbps and listen to the difference. This is most likely the source of your low quality problem.

11-03-08, 02:27 PM
I've heard people that get XM installed in their vehicles and it sounds like a CD. It sure as hell doesn't sound like my AM radio stations that i'm hearing from my XM. I think I will just have to take my car to the stereo shop and see what they can do for me.

11-03-08, 09:08 PM
XM and sirius are no comparison to local FM, and nowhere near CD, or HD radio... They both sound MP3 quality at best, especially the talk shows. This has been my gripe with satellite since day one and I have both kinds. There is no depth or range to them at all. I have friends who swear it sounds great- not sure why the range of opinion...they sound like crap. SOME car systems can make it better through equalizers, etc

11-08-08, 09:17 AM
im not sure, why yours is sounding like that, mine sounds fine. take it to the dealer and if its still under warranty tell it em sounds like crap and they should replace it.

11-08-08, 03:35 PM
you can get the GM1 replacement at http://www.tss-radio.com/