: Valve Cover Gaskets - Uh Oh

11-02-08, 05:48 PM
Well oil is leaking into one of my spark plug wells soaking the spark plug boot. I decided to order the valve cover gasket set online. This is the exact set I got:


As shown on the pic are the valve cover gaskets, along with small little o-rings which I'm guessing are for the bolts. The o-rings are around the same size as the circle logo on our catera key.

I was also expecting the big circular gaskets for the spark plug wells (Spark Plug Tube Gasket)..but they don't seem to be included! I know 4 cylinder engine require these... but I don't have much experience with V6's. Can someone verify that the Catera engine does not require these circular gasket??

I really need to know this before I start tearing the engine apart....

Thanks Guys!

11-02-08, 09:34 PM
No other gaskets of seals are needed, you have everything.

Most of these aftermarket gaskets are made of a very cheap material that hardens and quickly starts leaking again. It took less than a year for my non-oem gaskets to start leaking after I had replaced them; and it was much worse than with the original gaskets.

This summer I removed the covers again and layed a bead of the orange silicone sealant around the whole perimeter of the cam cover, placed the old gasket on top and then layed another bead on top of that.

The orange high-temp instant gasket maintains is physical properties very well over time. I doubt it will leak again any time soon.

11-03-08, 10:54 AM
I will try this orange silicone u speak of. Thanks for the input! :)

11-04-08, 10:42 AM
Don't forget to clean the crankcase breather or pressure will build up and blow oil past the gaskets again.

From the Omega Owners Forum (UK):

See the black plastic bit on middle of plenum - it has a logo on it? This is a thin cover, flick off (just the cover, not the whole plastic bit, to reveal a screw. Remove this screw, and the 2 you can see on the plastic leading to throttle body. Mark and remove the 4 rubber pipes at back of this plastic bit, then remove the plastic bit and thoroughly clean in with carb cleaner.

Those 4 pipes you removed? The 2 outside ones join and go off to a 'breather box' behind left bank (looking from front) - passenger side for you boys who drive on wrong side Wink. Remove this rubber pipe, and clean with carb cleaner.

One of the little rubber pipes also goes to this breather box, clean this as well. Where it enters breather box, there is a tiny hole. Make sure this is clear - but don't insert a pin too far.

Remove the throttle bodies, and clean with carb cleaner.

Refit is reverse method, renewing any gaskets that are past their best.

Useful threads related to the gaskets and breather: