: CTS-V Electrical Problems Resolved

11-02-08, 12:51 PM
New CTS-V owner (had 2004 Z06 but rear ended by unlicensed/uninsured idoit at stop light so no more plastic cars for me)...

Anyway, had a series of short circuits (dash went out, radio went berserk, anti theft failed, no start, car died at speed, you name it). After 5 trips to dealer,they finally nailed it... loose cable / ground strap to starter. Big job to access starter, but they finally got it right. If your in 1-2 times and they do not fix it, tell them its the starter strap/cable. They replaced alternator, relays, radio, you name it for nothing

Hope this helps someone....

11-02-08, 01:13 PM
I'm surprised. Ground strap is #2 on the check list. #1 is the battery cable.