: Brakes

40 Acres
11-02-08, 07:55 AM
So Its time to change the brakes; I have done several brake jobs. Is the lade any differ. (undo 2 Caliper bolts, compress pistons, replace pads and remount caliper. Also looking at buying 4 rotor kit (drill/slotted rotor w/pads) from Ebay.

Any issues?

11-04-08, 03:24 PM
Hey 40, its not bad at all. If your not replacing your rotors loosen the top caliper bolt and remove the lower one then swing the caliper up to replace the pads but I would recomend replacing rotors or at least have them cut to avoid the pulsating pedal. Front rotors come off very easy remove the caliper and the caliper bracket thats it support the caliper so it dosen't hang by the brake line and you might need a little help removing the rear rotors with the E-brake inside the tend to stick to the axle hub and make sure you release the e-brake. hope this helps