: does anyone want to buy my car?

11-02-08, 01:25 AM
if this gets removed, my bad :o ... just wanted to check and see if anyone on the RWD forums would be interested in buying my '85 fleetwood before i put it up for sale in the classifieds here or on craigslist. i know everyone in the RWD forums knows their caddys and i dont want to see her turn into some low riding scraper. shoot me a PM and make me an offer! trust me, if you're going to take care of this old girl, no offer will be unconsidered! i can't afford to keep her much longer so if anyone is interested please PM me or email me or whatever I would much rather see her go to someone in the rwd forums who will keep her just the way she is: perfect.


please don't make me put her on craigslist!!!!!! :(:(:(:(:(:(