: TC defeat in 1st gear

11-01-08, 10:36 PM
so i had a bad rf wheel speed sensor on my 99 sls, wire ripped out, so i left the pig tail unplugged and spliced the inputs for both front wheel speed sensors to the Lf wheel speed sensor, can lauch in 1st and smoke the tires, i believe torque management is still in effect but acceleration is a lot faster and the car shifts more aggresively, not setting any codes, wondering if anyone else has tried anything similar, i do not know negative side affects as far as the trans.

11-01-08, 10:47 PM
The negative side effects to the trans are from smoking the TIRE (only one is spinning) and that trans is probably screaming for mercy.

11-01-08, 11:20 PM
You're going to blow the differential planetary gear bushings.

11-01-08, 11:28 PM
as long as both tires spin there wont be a problem. if only 1 tire is spinning it can starve the bearing and fail axle or much worse.

11-02-08, 07:59 AM
I will post some information on your Traction event or lack of.

we had some of the smokiest burn outs ever from a FWD Caddy the other day at the track. Both tires, but mainly the LF tire was boiling the rubber off of it.

No 12 second runs yet.

More parts failed.
I think I damaged the WideBand when I had the trans out. This means we couldn't run the N2O system unless we removed the Protection. WE DID.
We had the N2O all dialed in so WTF it shouldn't blow right. We made some strong passes.
One pass the torque steer was so strong Highline was headed over the center line hit "marbles" and smoked the tires.
We had garbage get in the Nitrous Solenoid Pintle twice. The second time Highline called it quits. he said it was a knocking hard after he let off the gas. He jumped out and turned off the bottle fast.
I just relocated the filter from right before the Solenoid all the way back the the bottle
Motors ok

11-03-08, 05:16 PM
i am more interested in the performance aspect my car has 183k on it and i am trying to locate a replacement motor due to a blown headgasket, i realize its putting extra stress on the trans, but this car is not my daily driver and i am interested modifying this platform for the track, to the last post, were the burnouts after splicing the wires together or was that in response to something else?also with good throttle control you can control the wheelspin while still accelerating much harder, another thought i still want to try is to put an inline switch on the brake pedal out put switch wire to the pcm, which may allow you to preload at a higher rpm before lauch.

11-03-08, 07:27 PM
Go back in time and do some research. Your questions and ideas are already in here, with workarounds, tricks, diagrams.....everything.

............and a few dead transmissions.