: After Market Nav Units

11-01-08, 08:09 AM
What Nav units do you guys have installed in place of the factory ones. I had a Kenwood in my previous 2004 and was well satisfied with it. I now have a 2005 and looking again to install a Nav. unit. Suggestions?

Spittin Game
11-01-08, 02:08 PM
Kenwood DNX uses Garmin navigation, doesnt get much better than Garmin.

11-01-08, 06:02 PM
Got an Pioneer Avic Z1 myself and love it! Need to update maps though! Besides That love the deck and all the accessories!

Lu Scola
11-03-08, 10:38 PM
Pioneer is the Best!

11-04-08, 12:46 AM
Pioneer is the Best!
Have to Agree on this one!;)

Lu Scola
11-04-08, 12:56 AM
If any forum members have a Pioneer nav system and need the New map update, let me know I have them available. PM me for info.

Lu Scola
11-04-08, 01:46 AM
f any cadillac member without nav or wants to replace the garbage factory navi, and wants/ needs a aftermarket Pioneer navigation unit. I have one left still in the box. PM me if your seriously interested. I need to move it fast to get my winter wheels paid off and put on.

11-04-08, 12:10 PM
I'd have to agree with lu and povich