: Sudeen uncontrolled acceleration problem

charles smith
06-21-04, 02:03 PM
My '96 Concourse has developed a sudden uncontrolled acceleration problem. In got an appointment with my local Cadillac dealer and took it in for repairs. While it was sitting in the check-in area, the engine revved up and burst the radiator. They kept the car overnight and repaired the radiator and replaced the thermostat, but refused to diagnose or repair the acceleration problem, demanding that I junk the car because it has 180,000 miles on it. They demanded that I remove the car from their premises, with this problem present. The car is a rolling time bomb. I have experienced rudeness on the part of Cadillac service personnel ever since the car was out or warranty, but this one was so bad that my wife almost had a nervous breakdown over it, being so distraught as to be helpless for the next 24 hours.

Does anyone know of a source of maintenance information for this car that would help to diagnose and repair this problem? It is perfect in every other way, perfect leather, paint, body integrety, etc. I can get maintenance for my Rolls Royce freely, what is the problem with Cadillac? Without this info, no one else can repair it for me.

Also, if anyone iknows of some poor soul who is sitting in jail for manslaughter or paying off a huge liability judgement because they claimed their car acceleerated out of control, and killed someone or destroyed property I would like to talk to them.

06-29-04, 04:56 PM
You know what? My '92 seville's accelarator used to stick a few times while driving, and I could never figure out why it happened. I figured that I was the only one out there with this issue, because it's not like every other Cadillac owner complains about thier accelarator sticking. It only happened a few times in the past, but it stopped afterwards. It's been four years ago since it last happened. I usually stopped it, believe it or not, by pumping the gas pedal!

(not real hard, mind you, just lightly enough to make it "unstick".... )

But never has my accelarator got stuck while being parked, like you have described yours doing so, and at the dealership, no less. It seems to me that this dealership you're going to, is not looking out for the best interest of their customers (:rant2: any Cadillac dealership telling their customer to trash their '96 Cadillac, just because it has 180,000 miles on it, needs to have their license to sell caddys away. At least that's my opinion on that issue).

Perhaps you need to take it to a different dealership altogether and see what happens from there. I haven't gotten myself a manual for the Caddys made during the '90's yet (I've seriously inquired about it, and was told that the manuals were very expensive), so I honestly couldn't tell you anything about how to solve this issue. Good luck though, getting reliable answers on this issue.

06-29-04, 05:31 PM
What dealership is it that you took it into if I may ask??? Thats a serious problem and if anything happened to you wouldnt it be the dealers responsibility to at least tell you what is wrong with it?? If you were to be injured and they knew prior that something was wrong.....couldnt there be a lawsuit. That dealer really did bad by not diagnosing the problem.