: Hamann SLR Volcano

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10-31-08, 04:46 PM
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October 31, 2008

Hamann appears to be taking lessons from Mansory these days, as can be seen from the German tuners latest project, the SLR-based Volcano.

The aerodynamics on the Volcano are, to put it lightly, extreme, with a carbon fiber front lip and a carbon fiber park-bench spoiler. In fact all of the aerodynamics on the car are made of carbon, from the fender flares, to the new hood, to the rear diffuser. Hamann claims the aerodynamics are functional in their design and when they look this extreme we certainly hope so.

The larger fenders make room for wider Hamann Edition Race wheels, with 255/30/21 tires up front and 345/25/21 tires in the rear.

All that extra rubber helps to put the power to the ground. Hamann modified the ECU, supercharger pulley and exhaust manifolds to raise the power output from 626 hp to 700 hp and torque from 575 to 612 ft-lbs. To ensure the engine’s longevity and to prevent heat-soak Hamann installed a second water pump. The Volcano also received a remapped transmission control unit so the car can now rocket to 62 mph in 3.6 seconds and hit a top speed of 216 mph!

Something else you might not have noticed at first, is that the car features side exit exhaust pipes… six of them!

Hamann always likes to include a note in its press releases saying that the company is capable of custom interior work and some of it can be seen on the Volcano with a factory color-matched Alcantara headrest and an Alcantara roofliner.


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