: cassette stopped working 95 eldo

10-30-08, 02:52 AM
worked yesterday, zero response today radio still works but nothing from the cassette. do i have to scrap it or what?:nono:

10-30-08, 07:36 PM
Does it accept the tape in?
Does the screen show the tape is in?
Can you switch to tape?
If so can you hear the tape spinning?
If the tape is not spinning can you hear a noise?
Can you FFD of REV, can you Edj. the tape?

10-31-08, 02:52 AM
can't do any of that shit

10-31-08, 07:14 PM
I am trying to help you, but you donít provide enough details.
Ok I assume from your answer it does not accept the tape in.
I am sure you are not trying to force a tape in while having one already in (should be obvious anyway). So if the tape is not accepted in (i.e. you are able to push it in but the mechanism does not pull the tape) in that case there are two things that can go wrong:
1. The eject motor is jammed or burned
2. The switch that senses the tape and command the motor is not operational thus the motor does not receive power.
Either way you need to remove the HU and check the motor with a voltmeter while applying power only to the HU (bench test). If the motor receives power while inserting the tape in then the motor is burned (highly unlikely). If no power seen to the motor leads then follow the circuit downstream towards the switch and further on to the main board. Points of interest will be banner cables and connectors between the tape module and HU main board. With rudimentary electronics/mechanics skills the problem can be solved.
Eventually locate an identical HU (E-bay or local scrap yards) and replace the entire HU or just the tape assembly. Make sure the HU does not just looks the same, is also the same part number. While the tape modules can be compatible between some BOSE and non-BOSE HUs (including various years), the HUs as a whole are not compatible. Unfortunately I can not tell you much about your tape module. I know the Ď96-í97 STS/SLS/Eldos/Devile, 97 and up Catera and Eldos tape modules (but not HUs) are compatible.

11-01-08, 03:58 PM
thanks man