: 97 sts cadillac turns over, will not start

10-29-08, 11:04 PM
Okay, I know there are lots of threads on this subject, but I seem to either not be able to find what I need or the thread doesn't apply, so here is my situation.

97 sts cadillac with 311,000 miles on it, yes, that's 311K, most of which my wife has put on it. The car has all of the typical problems that I have put up with for most of the life of the car, oil leaks, coolant leaks, etc. Now, the car won't start, it turns over, the lights stay on so there is not a battery cable connection problem or starter problem. It has backfired but now it only has a low muffled gurgle sound while it is turnning over.

I have just recently replaced these items while it was running and it was/is having a missing problem:

the coil packs, plugs and wires to overcome a missing problem that it was having...didn't help much.
Replaced the Fuel Pressure Regulator, didn't help.
The injectors are/were all clicking, back when it was running.
When it was running it would take a long time to start up and sometime wouldn't start at all, very irradic. Didn't matter if it sat over-night or just a few minutes some times it would start sometimes not. The wife noticed that sometimes the motor was racing when she would come to a stop. Other times, it would die while coming to a stop, some times it would start again right off, other times it wouldn't start for some time.
Now it died and hasn't started up. I can hear the fuel pump running but I do not have hardly any fuel at the valve (looks like a tire valve) at the end of the fuel rail. It only shoots out a little bit when I press on the valve core( just one little squirt), even though I can still hear the fuel pump run. Is there something else that would not allow the fuel to get to the injectors or the valve at the end of the fuel rail( and yes I have changed the fuel filter)? Or, could the fuel pump run and not be pumping fuel...and yes, the tank is 3/4 full of gas.

I have pulled the codes and the only thing that it comes up with is:

Rss C1721 History
RSS C1722 Current
RSS B2477
PCM P0603
PZM B2477 History
MSM 2120 Current
IPC U1152 History
Any help or thoughts on where to look and what to do would be greatly appreciated. I am pretty mechanically inclined, as I have fixed everything that has went wrong with the car so far, except replacing the fuel pump the last time...which was about 100,000 miles ago.
I know that it is pretty well used, but if it is a simple fix to get it to running then maybe someone would give me something for it:D
It ran like a striped-ass ape...when it was running! It ran down the highway great...no miss, just didn't want to always start, had a rough idle and sometimes stalled when you let up off of the gas pedal.

10-29-08, 11:21 PM
Your fuel pump is in it's death throws. Check the fuel pressure. I'm betting it will be almost zero. Then replace the pump.

10-30-08, 12:09 AM
Ditto the check the fuel pressure. Actually you have...when you depressed the valve...it's about 0.

The motor could run and the pump not put out any pressure. That's probably been your problem for a while.

10-30-08, 06:32 AM
Hey thanks for the responses. that confirms what I was thinking. I've had the fuel pump go out on other pickups of mine; chevy k2500-twice and dodge quad cab 3500 diesel-once...and had some similar problems leading up to the finale...of the fuel pump.