View Full Version : smog pump delete on '90 fwb

10-29-08, 10:59 PM
did all these cars have a smog pump on them? i have a 5.7l i am looking to get rid of the smog all together, including the pump.

is there a pulley/bracket assembly i can throw on there?

10-30-08, 06:44 AM
It is a violation of federal law to tamper with or remove emissions equipment.
That AIR pump actually helps the car operate properly.
(Air Injection Reaction)
It pumps air not smog, I know it is typically referred to as a "smog pump" but the point that makes is that it prevents smog, guess what removing it does? ;)

10-31-08, 10:45 AM
You have 2 options. Remove all of the tubing associated with the smog pump and leave the smog pump on, just without all the "junk"

Gm also makes a delete pulley. Not sure of the actual part number. Im sure if you do a Google search it will come up.

There is also a way to redirect the drive belt, but that caused to much play in the belt.

10-31-08, 01:20 PM
i already removed all the lines and hoses. i saw a similiar accessory bracket on the 305's in the trucks but wasnt sure if they will bolt right up or not.