: What should I do about this 1997 Eldorado ETC?

10-29-08, 07:04 PM
This is not a classified add, I am trying to get some opinions.

I have been a member of the forum for a while, more of a Mustang Guy.

I have always like the Eldorado ETCs.

I work at a dealership and have the opportunity to buy a nice 1997 Eldorado ETC with just under 145,000 on it.

The Exterior is in nice shape expecially for the mileage.
The only things I see is the front passenger side turn single light is loose.
The truck has a small nick. The passenger rear right at the break light has a quarter size crease.

Interior wise the rear seats and carpet are like new!
The passneger front seat is extremely nice. Even the drives seat is in good condition just shows normal wear witth no ripes or tears. The radio, AC gauges all work in really nice condition. The radio volume button is the only thing that shows wear.

Over all it looks really nice!

The check engine light is on - the previous owner told me that it needed a EGR valve and a Steering Column Sensor.

It accelerates awesome and drives really nice.
The thing that I noticed is there is a slight clunk, clunk, clunk from the engine bay. - it is definitly not a tick or tap. You really cannot hear it with the hood down but up you can hear it. I think I am going to have it check out - does anyone have any ideas? Oil, coolant look good. Like I said car drive and accelerates well. The Clunk kinda goes away when you rev the engine.

Think it would be worth fixing- I was thinking about buying it as a runner?

Would anyone have any interest in this car if I don't buy it? - I can buy it for $1,700 would be willing to sell it for $1800 ($100 finders fee).

Car is Polo Green, Tan interior, Really nice shape Chrome Cadillac ETC Wheels with tires about half wear, Sunroof.

All questions, comments and recommendations welcome.

Live in Eastern Pa - work in North NJ if that helps anyone.

10-30-08, 05:33 AM
Wish that car was closer to me....