: 1978 SDV-26,000 miles

10-28-08, 03:31 PM
I just purchased a 1978 Sdn De Ville ,Platinum with light gray cloth interior, Platinum padded vinyl top,from the 2nd owner with 26,000 miles,no rust,Ziebarted when new,never driven in bad weather and garaged it's entire life. All the weatherstrips and rubber parts are as pliable as new.The car is solid as a rock,all original with the exception of some old paint work on the left rear side.The car was in a real time warp.

Do to setting around for so long has a few defects. The headliner is sagging and have scheduled to have that replaced although the carpet,seats and door panel are perfect.The dash pad is good and no cracks either. It runs and drives perfect everthing works although a little stiff at times. I replaced the dry rotted tires with new WSW Firstones.The A/C system still has freon in it.

The real issue is that most of the chrome plated plastic on the dash has faded away with time.I need to find replacements in good condition if possible.NOS would be perfect if any is still out there. The steering wheel is great with the exception of the wood grain trim behind the horn pad has 3 minor cracks.Once again seeking a perfect part. All 4 wheel opening moldings have minor dings,possible could be straighten and polished or replacements.The grill has a minor ding in it and looking for a new one. The only bad chrome on the car is all 4 o/s door handles have minor pittting.Bumpers,other trim,wheel covers ,all are like new.. If anyone has a line on these item,please let me know.
I intend to make this car as new as possible and preserve it as this is not a daily driver.

10-28-08, 04:24 PM


11-01-08, 02:19 AM
Congrats on the purchase the 1970's were the best I reckon, I hope you get that "nothing else matters" feeling when driving it I know i certainly get that when driving my '76 fleetwood.

11-01-08, 09:38 AM
Your going to find the quest for the outer door handles, in good condition, to be an adventure. They rarely show up on ebay. Concider getting a pair replated. Cost me about $75.00 each.