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10-28-08, 03:11 AM
I'm about to embark on a loooong roadtrip and was wondering if anyone has used a bra to protect their V's good looking front end? (I don't want any Victoria's secret recommendations either) If you have in fact used one, what's a good brand? Someone said I could put painter's tape across the front, but adhesive and clear coat doesn't seem like a good mix to me. I've heard bra's can rub paint too, so I'm kinda apprehensive about the whole ordeal, but I need something for this long of a drive. Thanks for your help!

10-28-08, 03:13 AM
clear bra.. 3m makes one. i have used a company called lex international before and it is worth every penny. many users on here have the "clear bra" installed.

10-28-08, 04:43 AM
If you are looking for something temporary you might want to try a product from Duplicolor called "Shield". It's a spray on temporary protective coating that washes off with soap or a power spray. It comes in graphite or clear. I was thinking about using it for track days but it should be good for a long road trip as well.

Here are two links to the products homepage:


10-28-08, 06:45 AM
A second for the clear bra. Do not use one of the ones that you strap on to the front. I used one back in the day on my 89 GTA and it screwed the paint up on a trip from Ft. Lauderdale to Tallahassee.

10-28-08, 07:45 AM
If you don't get anything, at least put a coat of wax on it. Makes it easier to get the bugs off.

The spray on stuff is tempting for trackdays. Anybody use it?


10-28-08, 09:22 AM
I did allot of reading on the duplicolor spray on stuff. The consensus from most reviews was that it was too thin to actually protect your car from any track day type issues. The rubber and bugs at 140+ is quite different then the 75MPH bug you would get on a road trip though.

10-28-08, 06:43 PM
Thanks for the help! I'll check out the clear bra's for sure.

10-28-08, 08:13 PM
Thanks for the help! I'll check out the clear bra's for sure.The time to put one on is right off the showroom floor, so I gotta ask, how's your paint in front? Chipped? Pitted? Or, nearly perfect? If the latter, I'd suggest you get a clear bra on pronto.

Where are you located? Someone here could point you to an installer maybe. If you're brave, you could buy a minimal kit (hood and bumper only) and do the install yourself. I gotta believe that the cost would only be modestly more than one of those awful looking bras, and you'd be doing your car an immense favor. Personally, I'd recommend you have it installed since you have to have a knack for doing it, and you can't develop that doing only one install, and you don't want to wreck a couple hundred bucks worth of the stuff trying. Anyway, that's my $0.02.

Your motive here is right on! :highfive: Good luck!

10-28-08, 08:29 PM

BTW, from everyone I have talked to the 3M clear bra install is the most PITA car project they have ever attempted. I know of more than one shop that stopped doing them because of the difficulty and having to buy replcement film after they messed it up the 1st, 2nd and 3rd times.

10-29-08, 11:20 AM
I would avoid a vynil type bra. As stated, they move around and scratch the paint. I have a lot of friends who use the 3M bra and they all seem to love it. A friend and I attempted the install on his 3000GT. It was a pain in the ass, so we gave up and took it to a body shop.

The cheapest option, if you don't care about looks and just want to save the paint, is painters tape. Regardless, be sure to wax first!!!