View Full Version : no sat with new nav?

black deville
10-27-08, 09:58 PM
I just installed a fac nav unit in my 2002deville non bose courtesy of caddy sts(great job btw). My problem is my sat radio (sirgm1) is not working with my nav unit, it worked fine with my non nav fac unit. I've checked and i have cont from my sirgm1 class 2 data wire to the nav unit, but the nav unit doesnt see the sat unit. I plug my non nav hu back in sat comes right up. Any ideas? Caddy STS isnt familiar with the sat installs, so any help is greatly appreciated. BTW my sirgm1 is hooked up thru the cd changer wires. Thanks-Black Deville

10-31-08, 09:50 PM
I think you might need to use DRR Setup (Body, Special Functions) on a Tech 2 to get XM working with NAV radio. You might also want to try going through the TheftLock procedure with the nav radio - I know it's not TheftLocked, just go through the motions and hopefully it'll find the XM receiver.

For some reason though, I seem to remember XM was plug and play... if the XM module was there, the nav radio would pick-it up.

Any codes?