View Full Version : 1 Week & 350 Miles = Blown Rear End

06-20-04, 03:46 PM
Got my V last Saturday headed to Kentucky Speedway for the Busch race yesterday and oiled down I-71 southbound. No clean-up most of the gear lube seems to be on the back of th V :banghead:

Got to love that Caddy roadside assistance. HA waited 1 hour for the first wrecker ( that's right they sent a wrecker!) another 45 mins for the rollback. Sat in a gas station from 11:15pm till 1:00am next to I-275 in Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area not out in the sticks. Seems like a long wait when you can see downtown from the car for service.

How did I get back that close to Cincy? I drove that weak bitch to the race and almost home broke. Chickened out when it really started to grumble and I would of had to head out into the country side where I live :rant2:

06-20-04, 06:02 PM
any evidence of leaking on the garage floor or the parking lot prior to the failure?

I noticed a rear leak when mine had just a few miles on it; only one drop per night on the garage floor....but a whole bunch on the underside of the car every day. Caught it early enough; they changed the rear right seal and I was good to go.

Had you done any "wheel hop research?"


06-20-04, 08:11 PM
No hoppin' and no leaks just expressway blow out :helpless:

I was realy taking it easy for the first 500, I do have a '02 Z06 so I'm used to the power so no new thrill that I could not resist. It just blew all at once.

06-21-04, 12:20 PM
Bummer. If it makes you feel any better, somebody on the other board had blown a rear while doig launches, and the dealer fixed it "like new" and he was very happy......

keep us posted.


06-22-04, 09:41 PM
Service called today ordered new complete rear, ran too long without lube burnt-up pinion bearing. Asked for price on FG2 upgrade at the same time. Why not :D

06-27-04, 05:44 PM
"Technician verified rear end noise and recovered less than 1/2 quart of dark fluid with metal flakes in it. Flushed rear end with new fluid and test drove. Tech found left axle seal leaking and still noisy. Tech ordereed part. Replaced with new rear diferential and test drove vehicle no leaks and no noise present."

Customer picked car up Saturday. Lot boy brought car from service area and failed to set paking brake leting CTS-v roll several feet into big ugly Caddy bumper. Lucky for idiot lot boy tires cut to the right and extending far enough to prevent any damage. Customer left for home and upon checking milage notice they test drove his car for an even 50 MILES!!

I have a Dear Valued Customer note attached to the repair order saying I may received a Questionaire from GM. The survey is a "pass" or "fail" grading system. COMPLETELY SATISFIED is a passing grade, all others are not. If I cannot respond by checking the "completely satisfied" box only please let them know what they must do to rectify the problem.

Think they have a time machine?


06-28-04, 08:26 AM
Though an unsatisfactory experience for which I would also be pi**ed off, it sounds like you got the car back in OK shape, and the rear is good as new?

I think I will print your note and keep it for my files; I rejected 4 V's before finally getting one that I liked, and the reason was that ANY defect that required a day at the dealer leaves the car open to the risk of mechanic/lot boy abuse or incompetence. When they took mine in for the new rear seal, lot boy #1 clearly had never driven a stick, but lot boy #2 came and took over immediately after the first stallout (right in front of me) when they saw my jaw drop. Folks tell me I am overcritical; I think not......

Hope your ride is all set and that you don't have to expose it to them again....


(PS: for my rear seal they drove it 8 miles, and I thought that was unnecessary! Whatever happened to "around the block"?)