: So confused!!!

10-27-08, 12:53 AM
Okay im new here and new to caddy's.
I have a 95 deville with the non bose stereo just a plain cassette player.
I would like to install a different aftermarket radio i have searched and searched and have just dug my self into more confusion. lol:mad:

I have read about having to keep the stock headunit and mounting in to the trunk? What gives or is this only for bose.

I just need a basic how to of what i need to do , what harness i need ect to install an aftermarket h/u into my non bose deville.

I have done countless other headunit installs on all my other vehicles so i know the basics and ins and outs. .

I have decided on the pioneer avic d3 and i know of the problems with mounting it and making a double din, im not worried about that , I just need to know how to hook it all up. without hacking it.

thanks in advance for any help guys. :bouncy::bouncy:

10-27-08, 01:34 PM
In your case I would vget a metra kit or splice the wires for the poineers harness. I never heard the trunk theory it might be cause some devilles when you hook another radio up you lose your chimes and warnings and suck. In my 86 I spliced the wires replace the stock with a aftermaerket and left the stock out an i have my chimes and works perfectly

10-27-08, 01:37 PM
95 is pre obd2
so long as you dont have active audio or bose its a straight up install

10-27-08, 03:42 PM
thanks guys for the quick replies i really appreciate it. I was getting scared about all this crazy talk. I didnt want to pay for somebody to do it but i didnt want a nightmare either. Well im glad its just a normal swap then . :D