: I pod mount

10-26-08, 07:42 PM
well i got a monster Ipod FM tuner for my cars
it works great i must say!. the same song on a CD isnt even as good!!!.
any way i made a I pod holder for my car.
it slides into the trim pieces on the DTS and is held in my by just being squeeze in there.
its just wood i glued and primed and painted. then i opened up the Ipod connector and screwed it to the piece of wood and then closed it back up. with a small piece of soft sided Velcro there acts as a pad for the I pod.
you can press on it and its nice and firm.
Then i have the FM tuner in the cig. tray and the DC plug in, in there two
my only problem is..... when i turn off the car the DC cig lighter jack does not turn off. so i want to hardware it into my radio so that it will turn off when i open my door.

so my question is where can i tap some power for the rig so that it will turn off when i turn my car off.

sorry the pics are bad...

11-01-08, 01:05 PM
does it not turn off at all when you turn the key off, or does it not turn off until 10 minutes later? I know the fuse in the fuse box you can put in two positions, one will turn the plug off after 10 minutes, and the other will not turn off at all. If you choose the 10 minute thing, it will turn on when you open the doors, trunk etc, or unlock with the keys/remote. Other than that, you would probably have to wire a relay/fuse setup to the ignition....

11-01-08, 01:12 PM
Power antenna pin F3 on the back of the HU. Depending on year and options the wire is either Dk Green (for most applications) or Dk Brown.