: HELP ASAP Need to Identify Engine in 97 sts

10-26-08, 07:00 PM
I have a 1997 sts that blew the Headgaskets. I found a very good engine that has had Norm's inserts already installed by a machine shop for a good price.

I have to get the engine by tomorrow or its gone.

I know it is a 95-99 northstar, but I'm not sure if it will work.

Here's the numbers he gave me near the harmonic balancer on the block:

Stamped in #: 6VU264684
Cast in #: 12554367-1

I need to find out if this will work in my car.


By the way, I am relatively new to the forum and find it is a big help!!!

Thanks in advance.

10-26-08, 09:19 PM
He has no idea what trim level/model the car came from?
What kind of a mechanic is this to "not know" if it will work?
I'd be on edge about them.. They would not touch my Northstar.

10-26-08, 09:34 PM
I'd love to tell you I have the answer, but I don't. But think about this; if the shop owner can't tell you what car it fits, who else is he going to sell it to? Put the load on him and tell him to figure out if it will work in your car. Otherwise, keep shopping.

10-27-08, 12:37 AM
There are a few threads that have the differences listed...which bolt moved or bracket mount is different. I did not save them so you have to search and I know that can be a pain.

10-27-08, 05:23 AM
I know it is a 95-99 northstar, but I'm not sure if it will work.

Here's the numbers he gave me near the harmonic balancer on the block:

Stamped in #: 6VU264684
Cast in #: 12554367-1

Isn't the 1st number the last 9 digits of the VIN of the car the motor came from? If so a call to a dealer will get at least the year and model of the donor.

10-27-08, 05:58 AM
Thanks. I think I will call the dealer today. This guy is a machinist and the motor was brought in by a customer a year ago. They never picked it up, so now he is selling it.

He sounds like he knows engines really well, but he can't remember what year or model car it came from for sure. He thought it was a "Coupe D' Elegance" Deville. If that is the case, it doesn't sound like it will work for me. He doesn't have the tranny or PCM.

10-27-08, 06:36 AM
Coupe D'Elegance Deville? They stopped making Coupe DeVille's in 1993 if I remember correctly, and I'm also very sure that older style deville kept the 4.9- the Northstar was only an option on the newer bodystyle. The engine should say either "LD8" or "L37" on the block right where you found those other two numbers.

Assuming it's not a 2000+ engine,

a 1997 STS will have the VIN 9 300hp "L37" engine. If you can, look under the intake manifold. If there's a knock sensor there in the middle of the cylinder bank, it's '96 or newer. If there isn't, and there's no hole drilled/tapped, it's a '93-'95. Check the timing cover- if there's a part number stamped into it just above the balancer, it's a '98-'99.

A '95-'99 engine will work in your STS, either engine LD8 or L37 will work but the correct engine is the L37. If you go with a '95 block, you will have to use your '97 intake manifold, and drill and tap a hole for the knock sensor under the intake (easily done).

10-27-08, 01:12 PM
I am not supposed to give this out to NON supporting members. Please join us.

KD = Y

11-02-08, 05:41 PM
Thanks for the help so far guys. I still don't know what this engine is. I've got mine out now.
Where is the l37 stamped at?
The engine that the guy has has no valve covers or intake. My heads have the same # stamped on them. the 355xxxx #

I think this is a very good engine, but still can't verify this is the right one.
He got the engine from a customer who brought it to him with the heads off.

Please help. If this is the right engine it will save me a LOT of money.

11-03-08, 05:09 PM
Well, I got my answer. I rephrased the question to the dealer and gave him the 6vu number and found out it was out of a 97 Regular old Deville. (in other words a y engine)
Thanks guys.

Anyone got a good vin 9 engine they wanna sell?

Mark C
11-04-08, 06:44 AM
The only difference between a 9 and a Y engine is the exhaust cam. Take your old one out of your car and you'll have a 9 engine as far as the PCM is concerned.

11-04-08, 06:58 AM
To be honest with you I didn't even consider converting the engine. What all is involved in changing the cams? I havent got mine apart yet, so I'm not sure about it yet. I've got the engine out, but I am waiting for the FSM to take it apart.

Would I have to remove the heads to swap the cams?

11-07-08, 11:28 PM
6 = Cadillac
VU264684 is the last 8 of the VIN

VIN : 1G6KD54Y7VU264684
Merchandising Model : 6KD69 -1997 COACHBUILDER LIMOUSINE Warranty
BARS Order Type : 50 - FLEET

What kind of regular Deville is that?