: 2005 Escalade Middle Row Seat Heaters Blowing Fuses

10-26-08, 01:06 AM
:confused:I have a 2005 Escalade that have middle row seat heaters that blow fuses. We have had the L and R modules replaced but that doesn't work. Any suggestions? We have been trying solve this for a about a year.

03-14-09, 09:56 PM
I have an 03. When I purchased the truck, I noticed the homelink kept blowing. Checked the manual to see that there was a fuse under the hood...changed it several times. Then we noticed that the rear heated seats also share the same fuse. That fuse kept blowing when the rear seats were turned on....but only when people were sitting in the seats. A smart mechanic determined it was a short in the seat. Problem fixed. A wire was rubbed bare, and causing a short when seated in them.