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06-20-04, 04:49 AM
Hey folks, i've been following this forum for the past two weeks. I just picked up my car today and i'm in love. I choose the CTS-V for the rarity; I come from a long history of Japanese cars and for the past few years, i've owned German cars exclusively. All my cars have been heavily modified and I plan on doing the same with the CTS-V. This small forum is a valuable resource and i've learned plenty of things.

I have plenty of mods planned.. it's unfortunate that most parts are still under R&D. I'm definitely going to track school; it's one of the few "mods" that people with high horsepower cars forget.

Well, I hope to learn more from everyone here. Below are pictures of my Mercedes SL500 and my previous Mercedes S430.




06-20-04, 11:08 AM
Congrats on your new ride.

06-20-04, 11:08 AM
Very nice rides. Aren't you glad you are now in a car less than half the price that will smoke those two? :cool:

06-20-04, 12:19 PM
:welcome: :worship: V