: My '66 Calais

10-24-08, 10:05 PM
At the moment she isn't the prettiest but i am working on it...
I am the third owner of this car. Elderly gentleman bought it new in, he died and his son got it, i purchased it from him. odometer is the actual mileage and has NOT rolled over, it has only 44K miles. It is a VERY solid car! The only real issue came from when the old lady (original buyers wife) pulle it out of the garage for me she scraped teh whole drivers side on the garage... all it really hurt is the drivers door (mainly just deep pait scratches) and the drivers quarter. all the primer an deverything is due to me shaving all the factory trim and rear door handles. I just haven't got around to the fronts yet. I have every original piece of paper on this car as well as every single piece for the car, all the chrome is in the trunk but won't be going back on. The only chrome will be around the windows and the bumpers. there will be no emblems or anythign like that, i am shaving EVERYTHING i can including the antenna front liscense plate area on the front bumper, and those huge ass lights in front of the wheels on the front fenders...

ANYWAYS, on with the ugly...
(for now)

http://i116.imagethrust.com/t/1030246/66caddi001.jpg (http://i116.imagethrust.com/images/4k0S/view-image/-66-caddi-001.html) http://i105.imagethrust.com/t/1030247/66caddi002.jpg (http://i105.imagethrust.com/images/4k0T/view-image/-66-caddi-002.html) http://i109.imagethrust.com/t/1030248/66caddi003.jpg (http://i109.imagethrust.com/images/4k0U/view-image/-66-caddi-003.html) http://i103.imagethrust.com/t/1030249/66caddi004.jpg (http://i103.imagethrust.com/images/4k0V/view-image/-66-caddi-004.html) http://i107.imagethrust.com/t/1030250/66caddi005.jpg (http://i107.imagethrust.com/images/4k0W/view-image/-66-caddi-005.html) http://i117.imagethrust.com/t/1030251/66caddi007.jpg (http://i117.imagethrust.com/images/4k0X/view-image/-66-caddi-007.html)

10-25-08, 03:30 PM
Very Nice Calais! Sounds like you got a steal. The scratches the old lady put in it shouldn't be too bad, since your doing body work anyways.
Once again, NICE CAD!!!:thumbsup:

10-25-08, 05:51 PM
Only 44 K miles is really low mileage . Best wishes w/ your project

10-26-08, 12:00 AM
Thanks, I have had it for a few months but was hesitant to post pics because i have seen some of youall's rides and mine looks like a turd right now so... but it has VERY little rust to deal with and the engine bay is actualy very clean (well, it is dirty but you know what i mean) talking to the guys at cad500parts.com to see what they have engine dress-up wise.
If nothing else i will just have the factory stuff worked over. I am buying a gold plating system, mainly for interior stuff like the door handles, gauge surround etc... pretty much anything silver will be gold on the interior. As for the rest of the interior I am trying to decide what color I want to do. My first choice would be black but the car itself is going to be Gold Metallic (I think you can see a few little test spots I did on the car in the pics) So i am not sure how that will look to be honest. The more I think about it the more I kind of want to paint the car flat black but that is getting REALLY played out these days...

Other than that I am waiting to hear back from CCE about getting some AIR under there.... This will be a LONG build because I am in the army and I have a family as well as a couple other little projects PLUS thanks to those Floods we are buying a new house on top of everything so.... probably won't be updated all that often...