View Full Version : Any Info on Sport Shifting Problems

10-23-08, 09:44 PM
Hi, I am a new member and have found this forum to be very helpful, Thanks! About a week ago my Catera shifted down at exactly 52 mph and the sport lightonthe dash started blinking. It willl reset if I cut the key off but at 52mph it will shift down and I have to manual shift again. The owners manual says if this happens to have the transmission serviced. Any input would be appreciated, Thanks Ron

10-24-08, 10:10 PM
If that light is flashing, more than likely it stored a code. Your best bet if to find someone with a tech II and see what the fault code is.

11-01-08, 11:17 PM
Update!!!! The owners manual was right! Had the trans serviced and now everything is fine!

11-02-08, 09:37 PM
What exactly was serviced?