: Eldorado stereo wiring help, PLEASE (first post)

10-23-08, 05:18 PM
hello, this is my first post to these forums as i just recently joined but its good to be here. anyways, i am the owner of a 1994 cadillac eldorado non-touring coupe with the non-bose audio installed. i recently removed the stock deck in order to replace it with an aftermarket deck. in my attempt to do this i cut the wires off of my factory deck in order to "make my own wiring harness". i have previously searched high and low in order to find a harness so this seemed like a good idea at the time. however, i dont know which wires from the factory "harness" to connect to the wires of my aftermarket deck, also, i have re-attached all of the wires that were cut and now the factory deck wont work either. any kind of tips, diagrams (mainly diagrams), insight or ANYTHING would be greatly appreciated. thanks for your time,

10-23-08, 05:56 PM
1st never cut
2 always get the right tool/parts for the job
they sell the correct harness ive posted it before please search and buy the right one

10-27-08, 02:24 PM
Yeah to agree wit the last post some caddys have a security device in the stereos where you pull them out or cut the factory harness you screw them up and now it won't work older devilles like89 and below you can cut the harness but it you plan to go back to stock. The only way to save your tail is to by pass the factory harness .tap into your fuse box and the orange/black wire is your memory wire tap into the fuse for your cig charger that's your memory wire. Also fuse it 5amp right where you first clipped it from the harness. On the harnes you have a big yellow one that's your ingtion tap into a fuse that reguires the car to be on to be used like your signals. As for ground you can try usung the factory one but idk if that will work still cause GM used grounds as switches to control stuff your power windows are a example. So ground your stereo to a piece of metal inside your dash make sure its clean of paint and secured. A grey wire sound be the antenna connect that to your remote wire on the aftermarket HU and illiumation I belive that wire is brown but I'm not sure the other eight wires are your speakers and to explain that each of the factory harnes had four wires Blue, White and Black. The first four wires are on the same harness and the other eight are your speakers . So one harness is two sets of speakers . Ex LL,LR is harness one and RL,RR harness two good luck