: antenna and ac

10-22-08, 09:24 PM
wuzzup fellas ive got a 82 sedan deville that recently had some issues. first the antenna is stuck in the up position i had to unplug it if not you cAN heaR THE motor trying to lower it i have taken apart one of these from another car it can be a pain. how difficult is it to get to it looks like you have to take off the fender to get to. also the heater and a/c motor wont work unless i am driving on the freeway. at idle or street speed it wont turn on. also if i take the car on the freeway over 60 or 65 when i exit and slow down the car wants to keep pushing. if i keep it at around 60 it is fine. other than that it is a kick ass car and a head turner. any ideas or suggestions would help thanks will try to post some pics

10-22-08, 10:13 PM
Find my project thread (81 FWB D'Elegance coupe, or something like that). I posted a bolt-by-bolt how to on there, with pics, on how to change that antenna. It's easy, and the fender doesn't have to come off...

Here it is (http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/rwd-19xx-1984-deville-fleetwood-1985/146504-project-81-fwb-delegance-coupe-2.html)

10-23-08, 08:35 PM
thanks that helps out a lot ill get into that , any ideas about the ac/heater?

10-23-08, 08:46 PM
Do you mean that the heater/AC fan doesn't blow? Air only comes throught the vents when the car is moving? If yes, then there are four possibilites that come to mind:

1. Blown fuse.
2. Bad fan motor.
3. Bad control head (the part with the display).
4. Bad programmer (the part the control head connects to).

First two are easy to figure out...