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10-22-08, 05:03 PM

The Tony Show
10-22-08, 05:19 PM
Season 12 predictions:

Jeremy Clarkson will call something "rubbish", use the words "bonnet" and "yanks" in multiple episodes, and the guy that looks like Robert Carlyle will sycophantically gush in agreement with everything he says.

10-22-08, 08:33 PM
Im interested to see what Jeremy hates about the V and the ZR1. Bonging again?

10-22-08, 09:26 PM
Im interested to see what Jeremy hates about the V and the ZR1. Bonging again?

Well you would be incorrect


10-23-08, 03:25 PM
Ha. I cannot wait to see James attempt to drive a semi-truck.

10-23-08, 06:05 PM
Personally speaking... Top Gear is the most entertaining hour of television on the airwaves today. They've somehow managed to find that rare balance of technical car jargon and goofy entertainment, to the point where its surely watchable for non-car types - even the wife doesn't mind sitting though an episode... or five.

The new season looks like its going to be a good one... Two things caught my eye in particular - The segment they're doing on the CTS-V, the ZR-1, and the Challenger, as well as the fact that it seems like they've finally been able to get the Veyron for the Stig to blast around the test track.

Either way.. I can't wait for November 2nd. Well... November 3rd technically speaking - I usually let it download overnight...