: Electrical! FOG Light turning off?

10-21-08, 11:32 AM
I just resently noticed that my fog lights would turn off after a few minutes of being on...

Has anyone else seen this kind of issue? I turn them on and 2-3min later they turn off.. and if you wait lets say 15 min you can turn them back on and they will light up again... and go out in 2-3 min... seems like something is heating up somewhere and shutting off to prevent damage? Any ideas?


Cadi Cat
10-21-08, 03:12 PM
Have you checked the multifunction switch? Mine did that when the solder joint cracked. The joints expand and contract with heat and cooling. Maybe something you might want to check.

10-22-08, 10:16 AM
I thought you did a how to on that with some pictures, would you mind sending that link to me so I can take a look at the issue?

Thanks man. This weekend I will be doing a High Beam/DRL HID conversion with Relay and D2S bulbs with H7 adapters, and I will have a how to early next week....

10-24-08, 01:13 PM
I had the same problem and the same fix (cold solder joint). I'm pretty skilled with the solder gun so I just went thru and re-soldered any connection on the back of the multifunction module PC board that looked suspect. No problems since (and much cheaper than an $87.99 replacement).

Cadi Cat
10-25-08, 08:24 AM
Here's the link


It's a really easy fix. Getting to it is the only hard part but not too bad. Beats whatever the dealer charges.

10-27-08, 03:12 PM
Issue FIXED! it was the K34 Switch as described in one of the posts on here... there was a solder that had cracked and the thing was heating up like crazy... so I resoldered everything and it works like a charm now!