: Cold weather starting

10-20-08, 07:24 PM
Its been getting into the upper 30's-lower 40's here over night and the V is garaged. In the morning it is not wanting to run well. It also wants to stall in 1st from a take off unless I slip the clutch out slowly and add a lot of gas.

Is this normal with the Maggie? Is the stalling issue from the lightweight LS7 flywheel? I have read about light flywheels requiring more gas and riding the clutch a bit from a dead stop but this seems to only happen from a cold start.

Since the Maggie install my ears have become super sensitive to any odd noises and sounds coming from the car since my drivetrain warranty is now shot and I dont feel like dropping $3k on a rear or buying a new LS6 any time soon.

10-20-08, 07:32 PM
Mine acts like that when cold (but never to the point of stalling - probably the difference between V and ls7). I always let it warm up in the morning for a few minutes and it makes a huge difference.

10-20-08, 07:39 PM
Upper 30s to low 40s!!! :eek:

J/k. Did you see the thread from a couple of days ago about cold-weather driveability of someone's maggied V? I think everybody but Twitch has an issue and runs a bit lean during a cold start, and the car takes a couple of minutes to warm up and run okay. I know mine does.

10-20-08, 09:11 PM
no maggie here :( but mine pulls the same stunts on startup, acting like the clutch is going out, or the mounts are shot (again)..then a minute later all is fine. then, I floor it.:cool2:

10-21-08, 02:19 AM
I switched from 10w-30 back to 5w-30 for the winter, and now on my cold start I get about a second and a half of bad engine noise (valve lash or worse?). Mind you, it isnt even that cold yet here, probably low 50s at night. I would of thought start-up noise would be less with a thinner oil but maybe the 10w-30 left enough viscousity film overnight to avoid this? Should I switch back to 10w-30? The coldest it gets here is mid 20s in the winter.

10-21-08, 10:49 AM
I think everybody but Twitch has an issue and runs a bit lean during a cold start.
That Twitch guy sure is lucky,,,,,,oh, that's me :p.
Actually, it just got cold here a few days ago. She starts and idles fine. I have no problems pulling away from a stop. But if I'm moving at low RPMs and have to let off on the throtle, when I give it gas again, sometimes its jerkey. But only for a couple minutes.
Maui, I guess its normal with the Maggie. And yours is probly worse cuz the light flywheel.