View Full Version : Factory DVD/NAV in 03 Deville help please!!!!

10-20-08, 03:01 PM
I have a 2003 Deville not DTS i want to upgrade to a Factory DVD/NAV 2din. I have a Factory 2002 model Denso Nav/DVD i plug it up and it comes on but it says my software disc is incorrect i wanted to find out more before i continue with purchasing the updated software is there anything extra needed such as wiring or anything.

Also Note: i have a DTS not Deville it does not have the Bose system and the Nav was not factory with my car i bought it from a buddy who had it stock in his car i figured it was plug and play. it also looks like im missing a harness that plugs into it also i dont need the Nav i just wanna watch dvd and listen to my cds thats all.

Please Help!!! any input or info will do.

10-20-08, 04:41 PM
they are not plug and play
if you plug it in and your lights go on youll short your illum fuse
keep doing it and youll fry the BCM
as well as other wire which are located in the wrong spots

i can make you a plug and play harness for it contact me at Cadillac1997etc@yahoo.com which will also have an aux input (via audio and video rcas) so you can connect an ipod or gaming system etc... on the screen

if you search you will find that i have documented this very well and its not a simple plug and play job.

also if your nav is asking for a softwarre disc theres something wrong when taking it from one car to another all it will need is the THEFTLOCK PROTECTION ACTIVE cleared via a dealer tech 2 and a $35 programming job.

ive attached my thread to save you some time...

10-22-09, 10:29 AM
Cadillacsts2003 i have a 2003 dts and i have a nav unit which i can not get installed can you help me please. contact me at dabiglipbandit@msn.com i am having trouble messaging you on here.