: I cant make this stuff up...one last claim FTW!!!

10-19-08, 04:08 PM
Friday was supposed to be the day...V-Day. I was trading in my 2004 VW R32 for an 05 CTS V...but not if the R had anything to say about it.

The R32 has been a trying VIN for me. I initally had it Stage I supercharged and then made the huge mistake of going Stage IV. What a nightmare. Add 7.5 months in the body shop and your starting to see the picture.

I work 4pm-12am and was on my way home from work. It was about 1230 and driving about 70mph on the Thruway in the fast lane...... less than two seconds from initally seeing the animal cross I sent that thing into the next life. I thought it was a racoon.

I continued driving for about a minute before I started smelling the sweet smell of defeat....otherwise known as antifreeze.

Pulling off to the shoulder i made a quick inspection making sure the oil pan held up...and it looked good. The radiator was bent in good and all fluids has escaped via a split seam in the heat exchanger. I made it to a DIY carwash and managed to flag down the cop and the flatbed within 20 minutes of the incident occurance. I thought I hit a racoon, but the cop said it was more likely to be a coyotte...

It cost me $160 cash to have the R32 towed to the dealership who was supposed to be taking the car. Luckily I have a friend who works the same shift and was able to come asist with the situation.

Once the car was tucked away at the 24hr gym next to the dealership I proceeded home for massive amounts of substance and thoughts. At first, I was thinking to pull a quick one with some super glue but came to the conclusion it would just come back to bite me in the ass. I passed out sometime around 4am...

The next morning I called to dealership to let them know what happened. Luckily they have a body shop. I was told to come in and they would hammer out the details.

Initial estimate calls for a radiator, a front bumper and a few odds and ends, I could def see a cracked rad support as well. They quoted me $2600. At that point it was time to call iunsurance....one last claim FTW.

Once they get approval on the estimate they will release the cadillac to me, deal unchanged. I had to pay up the $500 insuarnce deductable upfront but I dont care....I just want the V in my driveway!!!! In the interim I am driving an 09 Yukon SLT...Its helping me get used to the bigger car and the way GM does things...its a VERY nice truck.

So farewell R32...I shed no tear for you.

Late night carnage:


My chariot awaits:

My R32 in her prime:


10-19-08, 05:19 PM
You made a good choice dumping the VW in favor a V :)

I'm sure you will miss the hook of AWD from the dig but this car when rolling certainly makes up for it :)

10-19-08, 06:16 PM
Im looking at it from the other side... after driving the Audi and R32 for the last five years its gonna be a nice switch up. I only owned American cars before the last two, and two of them were Cadillacs. I like the idea of going back to american as I am a proud Union member.

Key Lessons Learned over last 4 years:
AWD does NOT make you invincible
Tires are everything
There is no replacement for displacement
Forced Induction is for suckers :hide:
I miss doing a solid brakestand here and there.
Lowered suspensions = greatly comprimised ride quality, poor night lighting even after adjustment, and way more damage sustained when blasting unforseen road obstacles...see pics above

Ill be doing the tint on my car and thats about it for now. Im gonna look into a winter wheel setup because im not so sure how the chrome wheels are going to hold up. Im thinkin some Blizzaks or Nokian Tires.

I definitely need a track day before I start to push a RWD car to its limits again...I think it would be a futile move for me to explore this cars potential on the back roads coming from an R32. I really only like to go fast in a straight line anyway so I should be good to go.

Im glad to get out of the R32...Ive spent tens of thousands learning the pitfalls of being a car enthusuiast. I hope to keep my modifications simple and tasteful...while using this forum to keep my car well maintained.


10-19-08, 07:39 PM
Jeezus, talk about bad luck! Hopefully the V ownership treats you better than that. :)

10-19-08, 08:09 PM
... Forced Induction is for suckers :hide: ...Hey, I resemble that remark!

Welcome back from the darkside to American car ownership. :highfive:

50 4Ever
10-19-08, 08:22 PM
Congratulations on the big upgrade. Just glad you didn't hit the animal on the way home with the V...


10-19-08, 08:31 PM
Well, itll be good to be back in a Caddy when it all pans out. Eventhough im used to long drawn out waiting periods for car stuff, sooner would be nicer than later.

10-19-08, 08:59 PM
Glad the "object" was small and you're ok. Thank goodness for insurance, and that the dealership didn't try to alter the deal due to the newly adorned front of the VW.
What didn't you like about the VW (short synopsis)? I had an old (stock) VR6 Passat that I liked...other than the $8k+ of electrical gremlins in 6 years of ownership (gotta love extended warranties!).

10-19-08, 10:55 PM
I really loved my R32...but I overmodified it.

The short of it, my vehicle did not take kindly to the uninstallation of the Stage IV kit. I had the check engine light, EPC light, Traction Control Light and the airbag light on simultaneously. The kid who did the swap was working to correct the issues but it wasnt running right and I couldnt afford my DD to be such a headache and potentially give up the ghost. I also had a minor whine in fifth gear which means the tranny is on its way out. I had 82K on that motor and it had been FI since 30K. The pistons life was going to be short post swap.
I also had a Stage IV clutch/flywheel, racing seats and a roll bar with a race suspension....all this on a car i drove back and forth to work 500 miles a week! I overdid the modification so much that there was really no going back. I used up every bit of that vehicle and never experienced a "major" failure....only supreme dissappointment in my FI venture.

So here I am. I have been a car enthusuast forever. I wanted the CTS V in 2004 but didnt have 60K to lay out. Shoot, lol I still dont! The time was now and it all worked out...well sorta. Ill conclude it all worked out when the V is in my driveway...and this time, undermod is the name of the game.

C66 Racing
10-21-08, 12:02 AM
Well, I'm impressed with your attitude over the whole R32 experience... right down to the bitter end. Good luck with the new V - have fun with it. :cheers:

Kurlee Daddee
10-21-08, 09:20 AM
Nice looking R32. I love the way those sound.

I think you made the right choice going for the V. The sound of the V8 is much more smile-evoking.

Also, I saw you had to pay $160 to tow the car to the shop. Most insurance companies have road side assistance programs now. Just so you know. I added road side assistance to my truck for $4 more a month which is pretty much nothing. Just a money saving suggestion for you.

10-21-08, 08:15 PM
I like the FF on the engine in that pic. I then noted your handle 'factory fast', but I'm sure than FF stands for F*$%ing Fast ;)

I sure hope you love your V, I know I do.


10-21-08, 08:26 PM
You are going to "lightly" modify it huh?

I hate to say it but it's in the blood, you may stay slightly modified for about 2 month's would be my guess. I thought I would stay that way (I was trying) but I'm slipping. I won't go as far as you did with the R32 but we shall see.

Have fun with the V!

10-22-08, 12:42 PM
Cool lil' VW. <- you won't have a hard time forgetting about it once you get familiar with your V!! :lildevil:

Good choice on coming to the dark side!