: tools needed to dismantle steering column 94 fleetwood?

10-18-08, 09:08 PM
I basically am trying to keep my stock steering column but i need to replace the rod that goes to the ignition switch because somewhere inside it broke in the steering column so i need to dismantle the complete steering column hopefully just remove one the column pieces where the ignition key goes but possibly both column covers will have to be removed to get to whatever is broken so what do i need in general to dismantle the steering column piece by piece?

im looking to take with me some screwdrivers some torx bits a steering wheel puller, a steering plate compressor tool, basic sockets and ratchets and also one of those special pliers with ends for taking of snap rings etc.

what else would i need as far as a specialty tool and can i get it from autozone?

i just want to be prepared im going to dismantle a junkyard steering wheel so i can learn how everything comes apart before i try on my caddy.

the previous owner ****ed up the car so im basically replacing the ignition control module which goes above the column above the brake pedal area and probably the hinge part that grabs the hangar rod inside the column and the ignition switch itself is messed up too.

Im just bypassing the vats system with a resistor to avoid future problems.

any tips? ive only dismantled a steering column before to get to the ignition switch but never further than that....