: Finally some pictures...

10-18-08, 05:21 PM
After however long it's been of posting here, finally some pictures:

(This is what happens when it's a nice day and all three cars are at home at the same time...)














10-18-08, 07:03 PM
Damn that a great collection of Cadillac's. I especially love your ETC! :drool:

10-18-08, 09:06 PM
Thanks. I have a love/hate relationship with it.

I love it when I see it sitting in the driveway, approach it in a parking lot, or when I take it out for a spirited drive.

I hate it when it is at the dealer for who-knows-what kind of repair -- and as such, when I get my AMEX bill.....

10-18-08, 10:01 PM
Anyone that knows me knows I would only own 1 those 3 vechicles and they know which one. :thumbsup:

10-18-08, 10:48 PM
"Life not worth living if no take risk..."

Anonymous Chinese mystic 2500 B.C.

10-19-08, 12:00 AM
The ETC is the one I love the most, but the Concours is probably the easiest to own for me, considering the passengers I always cart around.

10-19-08, 08:30 AM
You are dead on right about the fun part.....sit down, strap in and please don't scream. I don't need the distraction.

10-19-08, 08:42 AM
:thumbsup:Congrats on three very nice machines. The ETC would be my choice ride. :drool:

10-19-08, 05:50 PM
You are dead on right about the fun part.....sit down, strap in and please don't scream. I don't need the distraction.

LOL, yes -- the other 2 are fast (even the EXT is no slouch), but are much less agile. I don't think I'd want a smaller car than the ETC (hence probably no CTS in my future).

:thumbsup:Congrats on three very nice machines. The ETC would be my choice ride. :drool:

Thanks, it serves as my sports car -- don't think I'd fit too well in a Vette.

10-19-08, 10:07 PM
You are one lucky man. I love the custom mount you made in the DeVille for the XM radio!

10-19-08, 10:19 PM
Thanks -- but just to be clear, I didn't make it myself -- I had it done. However, with all of the labor plus the XM Commander itself (which was about $150), it was only around $500 total.

I usually keep the ashtray slid out, and it's easy to use the keypad on the device for occasional use. If I'm on a road trip though, I use the remote.

When the ashtray is slid in, it really blends in and I think looks totally stock.

The same guy did another awesome job on my old Riviera, taking out the 4 disc CD storage, and putting an XM Commander in its place. That REALLY looked stock.

10-20-08, 07:35 AM
Nice EXT! ;)

10-20-08, 08:55 AM
I need to crop out the N* emblem and email it to you so you can use it as an avatar... ;-)

10-20-08, 11:40 AM

Snow in Arkansas though?? :histeric:

10-20-08, 01:19 PM
There was one big one 6 yrs ago, but typically a couple of small ones/year...

However, if it does snow -- you're on your own. I think there's one truck for the whole county.

10-20-08, 05:07 PM
Hehe, Im just givin ya crap!! :)

10-20-08, 05:08 PM
Man, I envy your collection. The '90s is my favorite decade for Cadillac.

10-21-08, 12:24 AM
Man, I envy your collection. The '90s is my favorite decade for Cadillac.

THX. If my computer hadn't crashed I'd email you the pics of my old Riviera so you could compare. Once my folks (who bought it from me and then wrecked it) get it fixed, then I'll do so.

10-21-08, 12:25 AM
Hehe, Im just givin ya crap!! :)

LOL, I just noticed you're in Iowa. Yeah, I'm sure you don't get any snow there....and I bet those sport tires REALLY get you where you need to go when it does ;-)

10-21-08, 09:42 AM
HEHE! I used to use high performance all seasons on my CTS. On my first CTS I had good year RSAs which werent bad in the snow. The first winter with this CTS I had Yokohama Avid V4S tires. The first winter with those wasnt too bad. The next winter after the tread had worn a bit was a nightmare. i couldnt even get around in an inch of snow. After the first decent snow with these, I got a set of Blizzaks. After that I was able to drive anytime, anywhere. I had no problem driving down unplowed streets when we got 8+ inches of snow. I was even able to dive up my street in that storm, unplowed. My street is VERY steep.

At any rate, with good snow tires the CTS rocks in the snow. With anything else, it is AWEFUL.

Im hoping to be able to afford a truck next year. Probably a Grand Cherokee. Just one more winter in the CTS! :bouncy:

10-21-08, 02:59 PM
Nice dude, and about time you got around to posting pics. Now I'll know who to wave at when I see you coming down the road. :wave: Who did your custom work on those XM dials? I have used a guy in Bentonville to do all my custom stuff on my rides...John the tint guy.

I swear one of these days we're bound to run into each other. The first round is on me when we do :cheers:

10-21-08, 03:43 PM
Sounds good to me!

I had them done at Hi Fi Fo Fum in St. Louis. Their custom installer that did the Deville (and my Riviera) left by the time I took in the ETC. Not sure what he would have come up with, but the Eldo was VERY limited in options -- so they just had to stick the controller to the dash.