: Instructions: Replaceing The Spare N Jack

10-17-08, 08:38 PM
Hello everyone,
I had to use the spare on my 96 FW. I want to replace the spare tire and jack in the same way they orignally where place in the trunk. I am lacking the diagram and instructions. There use to be a sticker on the trunk lid or somewhere. At present I can not find the instructions. Is there a print of that somewhere, maybe I can copy it, or something ? ? Any suggestions


10-18-08, 06:19 PM
And you took it out?? lol

The instructions are on the under side of the tire cover. May also be in the owners manual.

Off the top of my head, my 96 has the jack and lug wrench in a nice little pouch, stuffed in the space behind the tire. The tire is held down by the metal rod that hooks the floor, and there is probably a washer, and then a plastic wing nut.

Though now my tire is floppping around, as i was doing some doughnuts in a parking lot and broke that wing nut right off. :)

10-20-08, 02:21 PM
Oppps! Did I say i took it out ? ? LOL - Thanks for the info