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10-16-08, 11:42 AM
Ok so I just mapped it all out on a Google Map: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&saddr=Mississauga+Rd&daddr=Mississauga+Rd+to:Mayfield+Rd+to:Winston+Chu rchill+Blvd+to:King+St+to:Old+Main+St+to:Forks+of+ the+Credit+Rd+to:Hurontario+St+to:Charleston+Sider oad+to:Main+St+to:Riddell+Rd+to:HWY-109%2FHWY-9+to:HWY-11+to:HWY-10%2FHWY-24+to:Hockley+Rd+to:Airport+Rd+to:County+Rd+8+to:H WY-109+to:HWY-109+to:Queen+St+E+to:Cataract+Rd+to:Mississauga+Rd +to:43.820037,-79.942532&hl=en&geocode=FU5wmQIdUhQ_-w%3BFTK6mgIdoFI9-w%3BFQBtmgIdGv48-w%3BFcL5mgId3kA8-w%3BFYZUmwId7H88-w%3BFUo-nAId6BQ7-w%3BFdLUnAIdqO47-w%3BFRBBnQIdDlw7-w%3BFQjRnAIdwNc6-w%3BFQXBnQIdPpI5-w%3BFWgDngIdCS05-w%3BFTfxnQIda9E4-w%3BFTxangIdzbc4-w%3BFfqPngIdGrU5-w%3BFYi3nwIdlsQ7-w%3BFYoyoAIdcx07-w%3BFRxjnwIdAYE5-w%3BFaMYngIdADM6-w%3BFfDYnQIdnM85-w%3BFZVInQIdRkc6-w%3BFUyInAIdVd06-w%3BFXoKnAIdKoY7-w%3B&mra=mi&mrcr=20&mrsp=22&sz=13&via=12&sll=43.79873,-79.991112&sspn=0.090696,0.153809&ie=UTF8&ll=43.832546,-79.963989&spn=0.725153,1.230469&z=10
It may look confusing but just follow point A all the way to V. It's 148kms long and a very scenic route. Don't let the map scare you.

I did this with the Vette guys last week and it was a blast. I'm willing to arrange this for us CTS/CTS-V guys if I can get at least 5 people to come out.

We would meet up in the morning at point A and head out. Lunch will be at point N.

What do ya say guys? Let's pick a sunny weekend and run this.

Pictures from the run with the Vettes: http://www.jon04ctsv.com/gallery7/

10-16-08, 02:49 PM
looks like a good time, but i work 4-12 every weekend

10-16-08, 03:56 PM
looks like a good time, but i work 4-12 every weekend
Milton isn't far from where we'd be cruising. We'd start early in the morning and be done before 4. You could always take off at lunch too.

I'm hoping to do it Saturday the 25th with 26th as a rain date...

10-17-08, 11:10 AM
Ok I'll set it for the 25th with 26th as a rain date.

Meet at 9am at Point A. There's a Tim Hortons there.

Who's in?

10-21-08, 07:31 PM
Cancelled since no one wants to come.