: WTB: FG2 asap

10-15-08, 01:37 PM
Guys just putting a last ditch effort out there...I'm gettin some work done at Lindsay after V Day and was really hoping to install some FG2's before I headed back to NY.

However, Luke can't seem to locate some that would be cost effective on such short notice...

So, if anyone has purchased a new set and has them sitting in the garage still and would either like to sell them straight up or just loan them out until they can order another set, I would greatly appreciate it.

If you're coming to V Day and can bring them along all the better, if you're in NY area I can meet up, if you're not get in touch ASAP as I will need them shipped to me so I can bring them down.

Or if anyone knows who has them in-stock let me know and I'll take it from there...

Drinks on me if we can get it worked out:cheers: