: Seems the GTR is a fraud and Nissan is getting sued

10-14-08, 10:59 AM
Multiple GTR owners blowing trannies...

First the problems with Porsche not being able to get the Gtr to within 25 seconds of Nissan's posted lap times. Then the videos of the guys in the middle east racing a Z06 vs a gtr and the Z06 just walking away from it over and over.
and now this.


my friends Super Silver started acting up last night on the high way.. car (http://www.clubgp.com/newforum/tm.asp?m=4610489&p=4&tmode=1&smode=1#) has never been launched.. we floored it to pass some traffic and the car made a loud clunk and now only has 2/4/6 for gears.. car will rev up fine as soon as you start it, but 30 seconds later the transmission light will start to flash and the car goes into limp mode.. i believe the accessport was showing a code p2417 which had no definition.. it showed up in both the transmission and ECM. r mode was on for suspension and transmission, but vdc was normal.. anyone have any insight?

I was driving my gtr two weeks ago and I heard a loud noise coming from the rear. I turned immediately had my gtr towed to crown nissan (http://www.clubgp.com/newforum/tm.asp?m=4610489&p=4&tmode=1&smode=1#) st. petersburg fl. They didn't touch my car only called some techs from tennessee to look at the car and record the noise, 4 days later two guys from japan to download some info from the car then left. Then I get a call from the dealer to tell me the news, and they told me that the car was driven without vdc too much and nissan will not warranty the transmission which they said was destroyed, I asked them how much to fix it they told me 20k, no freaking way I will pay 20k on top of what i just paid for the car. I called the gtr number and also talked to nissan consumer affairs got nowhere, now the car is sitting at the dealer. I know we shouldn't launch the car but why own it if you cant use this function, don't sell a car that goes 0-60 in 3.4 sec if the only way you can achieve this speed is to void the warranty , false advertising. Here is the bad news people were fearing it has happened to me and Nissan has told me there are already three people in my shoes, if you are one of these people email me, we have got to get together on this. Just think if any of you guys have taken the vdc off just a few times you have already voided your warranty, good luck what a joke nissan.

Did you try clearing the code with the accessport?

That is how mine went down, Just accelerating in 2nd and CLUNK..
Your friend is lucky he has a warranty..

"In a couple of years from now we will discover the truth of what a piece of shit the GT-R is."

As much i love flaming, i have to agree with you.
All i wanted was a manual gearbox, no flappy paddle electronic slushbox..
People here flamed me months ago when my gearbox broke and i claimed it was "weak"

This gearbox has been the achilles heel of the car from day one, this car will never make serious horsepower (http://www.clubgp.com/newforum/tm.asp?m=4610489&p=4&tmode=1&smode=1#) like the RB26, Not a chance..
The spirit of the GT-R died with the R34 and the RB26.

i regret buying it..

10-14-08, 11:37 AM
There was mention of this in this thread:


I feared Nissan would be in deep doo doo when more of these $80k "super cars" started to fail. You're messing with the kind of people that can afford a good attorney to drag you into court. How the hell they can deny warranty coverage on these brand new cars in just beyond me. This car is going to become Nissan's EPIC failure.

10-14-08, 01:43 PM
Not an RB26...WELL SAID! GT-R = pos crap.

10-14-08, 02:19 PM

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10-14-08, 02:25 PM
There's been quite a few issues going on with the GT-R as of late. They halted production of them for the JDM version (still no idea as to why they stopped production) but this is very weird with the transmissions as to wtf is going on with them. Hopefully Nissan comes out with a fix ASAP because if not this is going to be a HUGE black eye. But while all of this is going on Nissan has been showing more and more evidence to back up their 7:29 run at the 'Ring. http://www.autoblog.com/2008/10/13/nissan-offers-more-evidence-of-gt-r-ring-run-second-video-and/ and I posted an article in the 2009 CTS-V section about how Nissan basically told Porsche to get driving lessons with their claim against the GT-R.

10-14-08, 02:33 PM

10-14-08, 02:35 PM
They make some good stuff so it is unfortunate for Nissan and the owners manual does say warranty void if VDC is turned off too many times. You can only use it for rocking it back and forth to get it out of mud or snow. (mud or snow in a GTR? I want to meet that guy!). They advertised and marketed the cars times based on VDC being turned off. Now the consumer is not allowed to use it. Should they cover it? Yes. Are the obligated too? I don't know they tell you up front if you break it you pay to fix, but you got a guy with an 80,000 dollar car who may not be a repeat customer. What do you do?

I know over at LS1tech there are slews, I mean literally hundreds of stories of guys showing up at the dealership in their F-bodies, Y-bodies or GTO's with slicks, N20, heads, cam you name it and GM 99 percent of the time has covered the broken rearend or Transmission. I had my 01 Z28 in twice with a busted 10 bolt the car had my ET streets on it and N20 installed the tech and service writer just laughed fixed it and I was on my way, now that was a 22,900 dollar car, way at the bottom of GM price spectrum even in 01. No reason Nissan can't do the same. They marketed it as a Supercar, now if GM will fix my cheap ass car Nissan should do the same.

In regards to Porsche. I think mabye the HP to weight don't jive with the 7.29 time for the GTR. There are some video Lay overs of the GTR and ZR1 togther, it shows the ZR1 coming out of the corners faster but the GTR catching even thought it is down 100 HP and weighs more, weird that that happens at speed, but they had months to get it to that point it. Practice makes perfect as they say.
I think this article sums it up pretty good. It is long but worth the read.
How can you cheat if there are no rules or a "real" timmer like sactioned race.
Maybe the 2 should line up the cars in question with their best drivers and go for it. It would make for some awesome conversation.

10-14-08, 02:43 PM
They need to change their name back to Datsun and make $12,000 econoboxes.

10-14-08, 02:50 PM
Here are those videos of the GTR and ZR1 together


10-14-08, 03:00 PM
My gawd the ZR1 sounds orgasmic.

10-14-08, 03:42 PM


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The Tony Show
10-14-08, 04:03 PM
My new sig. :D

10-14-08, 04:56 PM
Nissan needs to stop treating them like Altima owners and realize that the entire company's reputation rests on these early adopters.

10-14-08, 04:58 PM
i think this is an awesome representation of the kind of super car that they can produce....

go Chevy!

10-14-08, 05:19 PM
It wouldn't be such a big deal if it wasn't for that damned legal loophole. If it wasn't for that, they could repair the cars, and get the customers happy and moving on..

10-14-08, 06:56 PM
It will be resolved. The first move on something like this is always to deny the claims. This is the exact same situation that happened with the 2001 M3s when owners began reporting grenading engines with nothing more than mild to moderate use of the car. BMW immediately denied the claims due to abuse and then a VERY short time later reversed their decision and even went so far as creating the now infamous lower bearing recall that resulted from the different fuel formulations in the U.S. and Germany, and an inadequate oil pump mechanism.

Nissan will quickly need to learn that customers paying for a top tier performance car expect top tier levels of service and the ability for the car to perform as advertised. I suspect there will be a few bumps like these in the road for Nissan, and it's probably proper procedure for the company to protect itself from loss before it goes ahead and begins approving claims once they find out what's going on.

The Tony Show
10-14-08, 06:59 PM
You're probably right- Mazda had the same issue with Apex seals in the 79-81 RX-7s, as well as the "stated HP" fiasco with both the '99 Miata AND the 2004 RX-8. They initially denied everything, but ended up buying back cars or providing free service and warranties.

10-14-08, 07:15 PM
Ok so who wants to take a chance on buying a "pre-owned" R35 GTR now ? Imagine buying the car then having the transmission crap because the previous owned pounded on it and you end up with the denied warranty claim and a 20K bill to fix it . . . Talk about crappy resale value.

10-14-08, 07:29 PM
Lord knows GM has troubles like this. For example, they have an oil consumption problem on the 07+ full size trucks and SUV's, most seen on the Suburbans for whatever reason. They have a bulletin out stating to replace the heads for this concern, because the valves don't seat properly, but many times after we've done this bulletin, it'll still burn through 1.5 quarts every 3k miles, and GM states in that bulletin that anything less than 1 quart every 2,000 miles is normal. So it's always fun to try and explain that to someone who bought a $55,000 Suburban a year ago that they have to ADD oil to their brand new truck and there's nothing we can do at the moment.

10-14-08, 09:48 PM
They are denying people based on the VDC being turned off, but they won't have a leg to stand on when owners start showing up with blown slushboxes that never turned off the VDC. It's coming.

10-15-08, 04:40 PM
They need to change their name back to Datsun and make $12,000 econoboxes.

Hey now. Nothing wrong with Datsuns.