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10-14-08, 09:11 AM
I had a photo shop done of these rims on my car. What do you folks think?

What I prefer is the BMW-ish M Series rim and this comes close but, just curios the BMW is a 5x120 and a 34mm offset. If memory serves me correct that is bang on for my 08 CTS AWD

Let me know your opinions as well as any shops you recomend

I would prefer a simple polished five/six spoke with some minimal black accents

Thank you

01-16-09, 01:54 PM
:thumbsup:Those are nice rims on your ride. I have a neighbor who has, I should bite my tongue, an Acura. That rice-mobile has nice rims and he does keep his car clean. I'm not sure they'd look good on a CTS though. What looks good on one model isn't necessarily suited for another.

09-11-09, 08:22 AM
I personally think the rims have huge gaps making the rims look weak and flimsy for a CTS. Since the CTS is a bulky, mean mechine I think that the rims should also look thicker as well. Its like when you see a body builder with scrawny legs. Just my opinion. Cheers.