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10-13-08, 10:46 PM
.....which I know many do, because they've said so.....


Then, like me you would have been blown away by the '92 I saw (and rode in) the other day :thumbsup: My car is nice, but it has a lot of little imperfections that naturally niggle me.....parking lot door dings, that kind of stuff.

We were at the local Ikea and had decided to eat in their restaurant. We saw what appeared to be a virtually identical car to mine partially obscured in the car-park below us by a U-Haul truck. When we left the building it was still there so I told my other half that we must check it out.

OMG! this car was a total cream puff. D'Elegance blue leather, Gold Series badges, Factory chrome wires, the biz.

The owner approaches, "$100,000" he says jokingly. I tell him it's almost my car's twin. He asks where the car is and we indicate that it's in the covered parking a ways away, "Jump in, I want to see it" he says. He opens up and we climb in the back and snuggle into the D'Elegance seating. It suddenly occurs to me that I've never travelled in the back seat of a Cadillac before :bigroll:

We get to my car and he asks what I payed for it. He then says if I ever want to sell it contact him and he'll give me more :)

Turns out that he's a "Producer"....according to his card. His '92 that he admitted to having been recently "worked on" was totally freakin' gorgeous. On a quick inspection every panel seemed flawless. It was a Cadillac dealer's owner's car and ordered with all the cool stuff. When he got it had very low mileage and was always given the best of servicing.

I would love to take pictures of this car because you guys would freak out it was SO nice.


10-14-08, 11:33 AM
man i would have loved to have seen that! pics pics pics!

10-14-08, 12:45 PM
Is yours a D'Elegance?

10-14-08, 10:42 PM
Is yours a D'Elegance?

Nope, just regular blue leather.