View Full Version : Engine surges?

10-13-08, 10:15 PM
well I am not imagining this but every one tells me its normal :confused: When the car idles it has surges almost like a engine whine every 15-45 seconds. It sounds like the idle is drooping but the RPMS never change... :cookoo:

What could this be? Also a totally unrelated issue... When I'm driving and I mash the gas the RPMS are very unresponsive were talking VERY unresponsive as if the trans isn't down shifting and its trying to accelerate in 4th gear and I was wondering if that is normal for these cars? My old venge used to snap intoi first and rev up and take off the Cady just ever so slowly accelerates.

10-14-08, 03:58 AM
Sounds like it's time for plugs, wires and start tracking down vacuum leaks. (I think you've already been told about plugs and wires about 15 times).

10-14-08, 04:24 AM
Plugs looked fine and were gaged consistently so I am not sure what could be wrong there. Personally I would love to redo the ignition but not unless I have to. I'll try to get a sound recording for you guys to listen to then we can talk some more. As far as vacuum leaks I wouldn't know where to stat this engine is totally new to me. I already had the cover off and cleaned the PVC valves but other then that I'm lost when it comes to the NS. Well my mechanic will look at it in the morning it has a oil change and hes going o look for leaks while its still under warranty:devil:

10-14-08, 06:23 PM
ALWAYS start by pulling the DTC's. As for the vacuum leak, spray some Brakleen around the base of the manifold, the TB mount, the overpressure relief valve and anywhere else that a leak may occur while listening for an RPM increase.