: Driver's Side Door locks no coming up all the way..

10-13-08, 04:56 PM
My driver's side doorlocks aren't coming up all the way. It seems like there getting sticky on the inside where the mechanism comes up. EVERYTIME i want to get out of my door and it's locked, i have to lift up the lock. Most of the time the rear driver's side door lock will come up but sometimes it won't. Just like the front door you have to lift it up and it seems sticky. Wonder if this has happened before? Please help. Thanks

10-13-08, 11:52 PM
Happens to me to, but instead it's the drivers side back door. I was considering popping the panel off and putting some lithium grease in. But I haven't had the time.

10-14-08, 08:15 PM
Okay...if this is like mine...
I just had one of the rear door panels completely off to remove the window regulator.

If it is stuck in the locked position, pull the lock up manually to the fully unlocked position. Notice the little red plastic insert in clear view. It is actually a clip that holds the lock button in place on a threaded shaft. Use a tiny screwdriver to pop off the insert/clip. Be very careful, because you do NOT want to break the little red clip. The entire lock button will slide off the shaft, after removing the clip.
Now you can clean it, lube it up, and reassemble in the exact same position on the shaft.

Armor-all is very slick stuff, so I suggest using something like that to clean and lube the door panel slide hole and lock button. I doubt that lithium grease would work for very long, because it has a tendency to collect dirt.

- Brad

10-14-08, 11:08 PM
thanks alot there catman98! I've been wondering about how to do that and thanks for the headsup on the red clip! I'll get to that as soon as possible. THX