: Rear Driver's Side Floorboard Soaked...

10-13-08, 04:52 PM
I'm not sure how but after it rained like a mofo here in NC the floorboard behind the drivers seat is soaked. The only cause i can come up with is the night before we had to get my keys out of the car because they were locked in and may have punctured the seal and causes the leak. It's just in the floorboard behind my seat, nowhere else and cant seem to find the source of the leak near the door. It's making me angry because the floor mat is soaked and it smells not so nice. Any ideas??? Thx

toronto catera
10-13-08, 07:53 PM
I just finished figuring out the same sort of problem which for me was ongoing for months. With my car I found that the water coming onto the drivers side window was making its way past the seal and inside the door. And if you look at the drain holes on the bottom of the door, they get sealed when the door is closed by the lowest run of weather stripping. The tip off was the carpet on the underside of the door storage bin was wet after a rain. And like you the water would end up in the footwell behind the driver. I took a sharp knife and cut out the sections of the lower weather stripping which was blocking the drain holes and drilled a small hole on the underside of the door for good measure. I've been dry since.